Affordable Water

The Affordable Water initiative raises awareness and provides background information on water conservation for housing association staff. It promotes environmental awareness and gives advice for the benefit of low income families, especially those with metered water.

Initially funded by an Innovation and Good Practice Grant in 1999 from the Housing Corporation, the project is supported by Hastoe Housing Association and forms part of the Baker Homes programme.

The project followed on from the report on "Affordable Water", (published by Hastoe in 1997). This report showed that some tenants in some areas of the country can pay more than 500 per year for water and sewerage charges.

The Affordable Water - Briefing Guide was published May 2000 and sets out advice for developing an Affordable Water strategy to benefit residents.

The Affordable Water - Action Guide provides advice on good practice in water conservation measures for staff and residents. It includes software that can review household options if they are considering changing to a metered supply. To request a free copy of the Action Guide, email