Affordable Warmth Strategies

In partnership with Chris Barnett Associates and developed through the online Environmental Matrix for Housing tool, Baker Homes can provide assistance on developing affordable warmth assessments, strategies and action plans.  This work involves five stages:

  1. Training on legislation, regulation, best practice and the environmental matrix for housing (EMH).
  2. A workshop where the organisation can discuss/inform/brainstorm about their current work on affordable warmth.
  3. Performance against each of the 24 affordable warmth best practice matrices is assessed and a draft action plan is developed with recommendations to bring each activity up to an agreed level.
  4. The draft is then submitted to the landlord for consideration.
  5. Timescales are then attached to the overall strategy and if desired, individual actions, or blocks of actions.

The cost for this five-stage process is £5,000 plus VAT.