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Baker Homes Blog

A real energy shake up?

Complete district heating survey for a chance to win a £50 M&S voucher

Quantifying the effects of climate change on wellbeing

How disruptive business models can reduce costs and improve homes

Saving money and resources for landlords

PRESS RELEASE : New research links energy efficient homes to savings for landlords

Committee on Climate Change urge Scotland to slash emissions by 60% in 13 years

PRESS RELEASE: Baker Homes & Hastoe win funding to harness ‘big data’ for the housing and construction market

Fashionably late? Party walls join the fray for ECO measures as research reveals significant savings potential

Welsh Government in world first - Greening the dragon

Your chance to shape leading research for the housing sector this winter!

Major findings from research on financial impacts of energy efficiency to be revealed at CIH 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Baker Homes appoints Bevan Jones as new Managing Director

New build 10% cheaper, loads of % better – using BIM

New research finds nearly half of UK couples argue over the heating

New funding announced to support smart meter rollout

Three steps to resolving London's housing crisis

SunConcept joins SHIFT sustainability benchmarking group

PRESS RELEASE| Sustainable housing awards to give boost to under-pressure sector

A life more noble: compulsory reading for the housing & construction sector

A small win for energy efficiency: tenants can now request improvements

Zero carbon homes policy lives on - what will Mayoral candidates do for housing standards

One of the most sustainable landlords in the country – “How we achieved gold accreditation”

28 home passivhaus scheme subsidised by council - how it was built

Accuflow join leading sustainability benchmarking group

Free damp and mould action plan for landlords

Adapting homes to overheating

Free heat meter surveys for social landlords

An exciting year ahead for housing and sustainability - Special announcement

Accredited retrofit training course launched

PRESS RELEASE| Solid wall insulation needs additional checks, says group

Free CPD on PassivHaus design principles

Nationwide study examines potential cost savings for landlords

Four observations on social landlords and technology

Five key events to power up your sustainability campaign this year

You’ll never guess who won a national innovation award…..

Landlords set out steps to improve efficiency & reduce impacts

How to reduce flooding damage to homes

Saving money tips for landlords that also help residents

Delivering quality and cost effective new build homes

Portsmouth refurbishment shows potential for retrofit to re-assert itself

Policies revolutionising the state of New Zealand’s housing

Five amazing things you never knew about Baker Homes

Sustainable housing in New Zealand - challenges and progress

Assessing the potential for overheating in homes

How energy efficiency can save you money on your mortgage

How SHIFT landlord won top award for regeneration scheme

New standard for homes – the Home Quality Mark hits the ground running...

The good, the bad and the opportunities for 2016

New findings - up  to 20 per cent of homes may leave their heating on in summer

Draughts in homes - a big hidden issue

COP 21 - Now let's get the job done! – key steps UK can take to rapidly decarbonise

Impacts of Right to Buy on housing association tenants

BBA slams new MMC housing materials

What do we know about how people think of energy?

NES2 - Lord Deben: Important to understand motivations behind energy use

Energy efficiency, damp and the dangers of confusing cause with effect

Wigan and Leigh Homes’ residents pleased with retrofit improvements

John Prescott announces landlords leading the UK on sustainability and lower bills

Efficiency of ‘combi’ boilers ‘overplayed’, study finds

Rent arrears, voids and your bottom line – new research

Green Campaigner gets on his bike...

What people really think of retrofit works –interview with households

An update on the latest technology and research on smart buildings

Deliberately defining overheating - Part two

Doubling of UK deaths due to air pollution and what you can do about it

If Volkswagen did homes...?

Treasury propose carbon tax for charities and public bodies

National 6 month study on energy performance – findings from 6,000 meter readings

More landlords move to verify their environmental impacts

Deliberately defining overheating

Groundhog day: six recurring issues with new build homes

SHIFT Awards 2015 - Recognising the social housing sector’s achievements

Retuning the Green Machine

Authority announces up to £10,000 loans or grants for energy efficiency works

New EU boiler directive comes into force: all new systems required to display energy efficiency labels

Opportunity for involvement in national research on new build performance

Retrofit and ventilation – storing up health problems down the line?

Northwards – leading the way on environmental performance

New training launched - elearning on fuel poverty, asset management, energy efficiency, more

King for a day - how I would ensure our homes were fit for the future

What is the energy consumption in European homes?

Value for money can save you money

Green landlords saving tens of thousands and improving efficiencies

Top tips for impressing colleagues

Energy efficiency, arrears and business plans - Opportunity to be involved in research

Urban heat island - what is it, how does it create overheating and how can greenery help?

5 big sustainable building solutions to watch for this year

Lead the way on net wellbeing accounting

The Energy Company Obligation - how we could get it right this time

Key terms you need to know if you work in housing - part 2

Landlords to contractors: “Prove your green credentials”

37 terms you need to know if you work in housing - Part 1

ECO funding changes affect improvements to home energy efficiency

Research on impact of large estate renewal in london revealed

As 2016 target ditched, first apprentices start on groundbreaking zero carbon development

Accreditation driving large-scale reductions in environmental impacts

Zero carbon homes – “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

Largest UK landlords responding to increased flood & overheating risks

Mind the performance gap... small details, big difference

Barriers and solutions to energy efficiency in private flats

Osborne’s budget turns away from the environment

Lord Matthew Taylor: steps landlords can take to lead on environmental performance

Planning ahead...what the latest fuel poverty statistics tell us about our homes

Keeping you and your residents cool – NHS advice

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Reaches 33,000 Homes

Analysis shows Right to Buy to hit rural communities particularly hard

Sector discusses retrofit finance and drivers to reduce fuel poverty

Tackling overheating in homes: The big picture - New Findings

Overheating, flood risk, carbon – new figures on landlord impacts

Report: New research on environmental performance of UK landlords

Support available for homes struggling to afford energy bills

Sustainable Swan: our commitment to sustainability

50% of animals lost – what the housing sector can do about it

What does the new Government mean for sustainable homes and construction?

BIM: What is it and how it’ll change how you build

New Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change

New website helps vulnerable communities adapt to climate change

Election 2015: Main parties' housing policies

Stepping up to the plate: my challenge to social landlords

Midland Heart aims to ‘future proof’ staff with fuel poverty training

Election 2015: Tories right to buy bad news for sustainable homes crisis

The wait is over! New sustainable home building standard is announced

National green best practice group welcomes two new partners

The fuel poverty strategy – what does it mean for social landlords?

Are you charging your residents too much for communal heat?

Keepmoat signs up to be independently verified with new ‘SHIFT for Contractors’ benchmark

Five ways housing associations can make the business case for improving homes

Solar energy giant to support social housing sector

Top 5 things your board can do to avoid a downgrade

Sustainable, healthy and warm: how can social housing help deliver the homes people deserve? [Part 2]

New standards for renters are great – but loophole means tens of thousands won't benefit

Sustainable, healthy and warm: how can social housing help deliver the homes people deserve? [Part 1]

Can we afford not to build sustainable homes?

Four problems with zero carbon homes and what we can do about them

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - £70m to be released

Retrofitting works to save £6million in resident health related costs

New £5bn ‘green energy bond’ to kickstart retrofit

OECD study finds environmental regulation improves productivity

More sustainable contractors – landlords welcome SHIFT evaluation plan

New health risks and research to be discussed at national conference

NHS Valentines treat - save millions by adapting homes to climate change

You won’t believe how misleading this energy bill is

Your chance to rule – game lets you play to solve carbon dilemma

Passive ventilation provider joins leading landlord sustainability group

Value for money statements - Four ways you can make yours far better

Landlord group reaches major milestone

New resources to lower fuel poverty and enhance understanding on sustainability

Home energy habits analysed in major new study

New service launched! Assess costs and benefits of community energy

SHIFT network continues to grow as Home Group and BRE get on board

Home energy habits analysed in major new study

Revealed: the future of sustainable homes

CHPs – how can we get the most out of them?

Findings from new build conference – building quality homes part 2

Findings from new build conference – building quality homes

Housing Sector's Sustainability Leaders Announced

Tackling overheating in the home - National survey

Retrofit makes sense when it’s done street-by-street: here’s why

Contractor? DLO? We want to hear from you!

It’s fast approaching - and what a great time it will be!

Feedback on energy use helps residents make significant savings

Housing associations most trusted source of energy saving advice - new study

Most people still don’t understand their energy bills, study finds

Getting the job done: banishing leaky homes by 2035

Low income households use most gas and worst hit by rising energy costs

’Quick Wins’ #1: Fit a shower timer – save residents up to £240/year

Saving on Your Energy Bill the Easy Way: a Guide to Switching Supplier

Interior textiles – the sustainable renewable option

‘Nudges’ work – £100m more for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

The Future’s Bright

Local trades should be at the forefront of making retrofit work

Green sky thinking: building a more durable case for quality homes

Housing associations ‘most trusted’ to give energy saving advice

What really motivates residents to reduce their energy use?

Intelligent construction to address issues facing social housing

Missing a trick? New homes should mean greener old ones

What retrofit means: better lives

Housing association reduces energy bills by £750 per home

Baker Homes participates in leading social housing event

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing joins national sustainability group

A wake up call – What our climate change goals mean

Let’s get retrofit for the future

Merseyside housing associations work together to deliver reduced bills and carbon emissions

Renewable energy: Should PV panels have more architectural appeal?

Experts gathered to share best practice: making offices & operations more sustainable

Regulation restricting CO2 grows from 50 to 500 laws globally

Making the case: DECC research shows link between EPC rating & house prices

A study of the effects of feedback on domestic energy use - Findings pt2

A study of the effects of feedback on domestic energy use - Findings pt1

A study of the effects of feedback on domestic energy use - Foreword

A study of the effects of feedback on domestic energy use - Introduction

Obama – No other country has done as much to reduce energy use (Part 3 of 3)

Obama – No other country has done as much to reduce energy use (Part 2 of 3)

Obama – No other country has done as much to reduce energy use (Part 1 of 3)

Climate change: what 40 years of data shows us

Fuel poverty statistics release 2022

Innovation and research key when it comes to reducing water wastage

Move aside King Canute: is it time for adaptation to move up the agenda?

The financial case for adapting to climate change

New research reveals a ‘smiley’ face could help save £80 a year in energy bills.

Baker Homes supports call for one million retrofits a year

De minimis: State Aid rules and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

2050 and all that – where’s the retrofit?

Energy saving devices could save tenants hundreds of pounds

Westminster's leading housing provider to Chop residents' heating bills

Innovative heat scheme for 500 London homes - first in Europe

Experts gathered to share best practice on retrofitting- part 2

Experts gathered to share best practice on retrofitting - part 1

Mears Energy wins National Project Management Award

Wienerberger partners with national sustainability benchmarking group

Retrofitting flats to improve environmental performance and resident health

Free trials of energy saving product for heating systems

Oxford whole house retrofit reduces CO2 by over 80%

IPCC report announces new findings – comments on extreme weather events

EU Shale Gas Revolution : Facts vs Fiction

New Harvard University study on well being reveals surprising national rankings

Helping to improve the Renewable Heat Incentive for housing associations

Most in depth study to date – findings of retrofitted homes revealed

Ensuring our retrofits are prepared for our future climate

Experts gathered to discuss how to become flood-resilient

New Green Deal funding announced - up to £7600 per home

New research shows tax gains for Government and fuel poverty reduction from solid wall insulation measures

Baker Homes and others call on Prime Minister to deal with UKs leakiest homes

Symphony Housing Group joins national sustainability group

Low Carbon Workspaces: £5,000 energy efficiency grants for SMEs

Trident - reducing fuel poverty cost-effectively

£5,000 grant opens for homes impacted by flooding

New Government strategy plans to significantly boost solar PV uptake

Financial rates for domestic renewable heat announced today

‘Energy revolution’- power to the communities

The battle over ECO

Housing and local government leaders pledge joint action on climate change and fuel poverty

Free and innovative loft hatch insulation

Carbon, water, flooding and more… the 2022 sustainability benchmark is here

Government announces result of Housing Standards Review - what does it mean for you

71,000 home study reveals energy-efficient homes cut mortgage defaults by a third

Carbon and fuel poverty asset management tool secures £300k -Technology Strategy Board funding

Retrofit with a CROHM battle plan

DECC Consultation: The Future of the Energy Company Obligation

LED light use rapidly increases

How to address property damage after flooding

More cash-back for people carrying out Green Deal home improvements

Quick tips for households after a flood event

Retrofit software innovator joins sustainability group

New empty homes research - refurbishment reduces bills by hundreds of pounds

Fracking- the social housing response

Leading environmental consultancy generates milestones through social media

Did you know…social landlords can get Green Deal Cashback?!

77% of people support renewable energy

International news- are we on track to a 2015 global climate deal?

Housing Association wins top award in Quality Housing Services

One month left for energy entrepreneurs to apply for funding

How does Google [internet users] stereotype European countries?

Lead organisations say: Environmental measurement is key to a sustainable business.

The year 2022 - four simple steps to get back on track

Grants up to £2300 available for renewable heating systems

National Adaptation Conference- flooding, overheating, water shortages

200,000 homes assessed - what have we learnt?

Draughty homes and rising bills– the reality on the front line

Critical time to embrace adaptation to climate change

Simple steps for landlords to reduce fuel poverty and improve the asset value of homes

French implement 3 revolutionary eco policies - carbon tax on each home

Simple steps for landlords to reduce fuel poverty and improve the asset value of homes

Building to zero carbon – how the proposed solutions don’t work

Making the case for support for affordable housing energy efficiency works

Government committee slams plans to drop Code for Baker Homes

Changes to the Green Deal. Will they increase take-up?

Smart device reducing water and energy wastage- CombiSmart – SWIG 2013 Winner

Government energy efficiency changes to increase costs and forget affordable housing

Ministers consider allowing energy firms two more years for delivery of Energy Company Obligation targets

Third letter to Prime Minister - 140 organisations suggest solutions to the Energy Company Obligation

Energy study of 500 homes starts. What’s it about and what has been found so far?

Housing standards review – a different perspective

£4m funding for energy management

Warm Homes campaign grows by 60 organisations in a day- 860,000 more people

Open letter to Prime Minister-call for continuation of support for the Energy Company Obligation

Landlords managing homes for 3 million people call on Prime Minister to support warm homes

Tackle fuel poverty with Energy Display Devices

Oral evidence on the Housing Standards Review- what the Environmental Audit Committee heard

Leading organisations sound warning about housing standards review

It is not over! - Other tests to check you are ready for children.

The killer facts about Carbon Monoxide poisoning

A Consultation on New Smart Energy Code Content (Stage 2)

8 key recommendations for ending fuel poverty

£6 million funding for local authority heat networks

Simple solutions called for in fight against fuel poverty

The UK is on track to reduce emissions by 34% by 2025.

Gain free LED lights for your homes

Funding to help vulnerable consumers reduce energy bills

Hastoe Group appoints new Executive Chair of Baker Homes

Planning permissions climb 49% in Q2 - HBF/Glenigan

Housing associations & ALMOs unite for major energy behaviour study

Free smart meters available with prepayment systems

Major housing provider joins national sustainability group - SHIFT

Havering Homes draw on Climate Energy ECO funding & expertise to tackle hard to treat cavities

£5m finance available for energy efficiency & renewables for SMEs

Homes 2013 - Registration open – see you there

LED light retailer increases sales 5-fold in 18 months

Save up to 30% on new, easy to install voltage optimisation units

Government to slash housing standards, opens consultation on space and accessibility

Survey reveals construction professionals strongly favour environmental regulations

70-year-old couple cycling 900 miles to raise money for Ugandan village

£2.3m of retrofit funding available for social landlords

Eight things you thought you knew, but were wrong!

DCLG opens consultation on Allowable Solutions for Zero Carbon Homes

Are sustainability certification schemes useful for housing providers?

NW Bicester: the UK's first truly zero-carbon eco-town

Building Regulations: lower carbon reduction than expected

Welfare Reforms: big changes in July and August 2013

£20m funding opens to help local communities benefit from Green Deal

Hastoe Launches Rural Housing Report at House of Lords

Win a dinner with Sir David Attenborough!

Environmental Management Systems: what are they and how can they help you?

Environmental performance of top social landlords revealed

New shower attachment: one of the most cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency in homes

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments opens to social landlords

Your chance to view a property retrofitted to low carbon

£15m fund for rural energy projects open to applications

How to make your office sustainable

Free gardening training for residents

National climate change adaptation programme launched by DEFRA this week

Winners of national framework announced

Energy saving measures boost house prices - DECC

Flagship’s Thetford 'Love Every Drop!' project wins GreenBuild award

WARNING: Conmen Posing as Green Deal Assessors!

£19m of funding available for low carbon energy entrepreneurs

DECC is seeking views on community energy for new national strategy

Free energy display devices- compliant to the Code for Baker Homes

Launch of ‘The Choice’: First Wessex Sustainability Strategy

New tariffs for world first Renewable Heat Incentive scheme proposed

Baker Homes shortlisted for Constructing Excellence award!

8 key challenges to retrofitting- courtesy of Retrofit for the Future

New government study: “70% less CO2 is achievable from homes”

Baker Homes celebrates achieving Investors in Diversity status

New Charter to change priorities on allocation of homes

Major study reveals costed health, crime and economic benefits of improvements to homes

Eco chat up lines - win £500 of training!

Great Places scoops prestigious national green award!

Are work clothes with logos sustainable?

Save more by using energy efficiently than by switching supplier alone

£6m fund for renewable heat opens

Why climate change is like the measles

IMF seeks to end to fossil fuel subsidies

Manchester housing providers forming community growing network

HCA Chairman to speak at Retrofitting 2013

Eco friendly ideas for the home

Latest figures show four fold rise in uptake of Green Deal

A strong year of delivery for the HCA – build numbers exceeded

Helping Staffordshire Housing Group get their homes to low carbon cost effectively

New product reduces heating demand by 18% while maintaining comfort

Housing association takes innovative steps against extreme weather

Superb National Housing Federation campaign for Shared Ownership

US set to exceed carbon reduction target by 2025

Government sets out plans to cut emissions from heat

Viridian Wins Award for Resident Engagement & CO2 Reductions

Boost given to solid wall insulation following planning rules change

New government commitment to ‘Zero-Carbon’ from 2016

Leading roofing provider joins national eco benchmarking group

Millions pledge to do it in the dark this Saturday. Join WWF's Earth Hour

Comment: Fortress Britain is building insecurity

Useful sustainability conference coming up – see you there

Eric Pickles taken to court over decision to scrap home energy efficiency policy

Energy Efficiency: Triple Glazing Exceeds ECO Expectations

Knowsley development shortlisted for RICS award

New building standards – what do you think?

Scotland - Calls for Further Investment in Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Measures

Minister endorses the work of national eco benchmarking group

Decent Homes are resilient homes says London Climate Change Partnership and Baker Homes

Leading “waste house” reverses normal build process

UK’s water resources in a changing climate – how prepared are we?

How can the green deal benefit businesses?

Superstorm Sandy will become more commonplace – are UK homes prepared?

Working in housing or construction? – How to assess your organisation’s sustainability

Professor Chris Rapley appointed new Chair of leading climate partnership - London Climate Change Partnership

You are a non DEA but want to be Green Deal Advisor super hero. Read on…

Baker Homes celebrate gaining very useful new qualification

The Green Efforts of Celebrites Part two - Celebrities Get Political

The Green Efforts of Celebrities

“Trillions of dollars of investment needed for greening global economy” says World Alliance

Do you need accurate climate data?

Fabric First for AIMC4

Hate rising energy costs? Green Deal With It

AIMC4 Wins Top Accolade for Low Carbon Initiative

Asset managers learn how to improve energy efficiency of their stock

Associations preparing to face more flooding and more water shortages in future

Social housing should build a future for our young people

Registered housing providers – working to reduce their impacts in practical steps

£4.5m available for retrofit research – you could participate

ECO funding changed - understand the new allowances

Housing standard re-launched!

Homebuilders demonstrate consistent improvement in sustainability performance over six years of sector benchmark

Hastoe Housing Association celebrate New Year’s honours

Wokingham school, youth centre and library cut emissions with solar panels

Green Deal and ECO Workshop Invitation – Green Deal Provider and Social Housing Landlord Partnership Event

Terraced house retrofitted to super low carbon - Learn how

£245M Green deal cashback scheme opens

Understanding Housing Quality Indicators (HQI)

If you think training is expensive, try ignorance

New guidance launched - water efficiency and the green deal

£300m available for bringing empty homes back into use

Chop-Cloc joins national sustainability benchmarking group

Two new dates announced! Heat Pump training roadshows for social housing providers

Sustainability – jargon buster

How Hastoe and their residents are saving on gas and electricity

An energy bill to power low-carbon economic growth, protect consumers and keep the lights on


Baker Homes achieves award for select few

Government proposals to ensure a better deal for energy consumers

Housing providers eco performance announced by Lord Deben. Minister of State congratulates work

A clever new partnership that might just save the world!

Building or retrofitting - are you monitoring the energy performance?

Two sell out fuel poverty conferences. What did we learn?

Save Energy, Save Money wins top sustainability award

Sustainable Housing Awards 2024 - a green celebration

Renewable Heat Incentive proposals to exclude housing providers

Government u turn on Green Deal – millions of new funding to drive uptake

£40 million for local energy bill blitz

£245m Green Deal cash back offer – hundreds of pounds up for grabs

Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency? Beware of radon levels

How can a simple button save your life?

How can we maximise the benefits of renewable energy for social housing?

Major Welsh housing provider joins national sustainability group

CITYWEST Homes - providing more than a roof over one’s head

VPhase move forward into Scottish Housing

£24m boost to help cities kick-start Green Deal

Fuel Poverty Conference goes down a storm

New survey finds over 50% of private landlords to take up Green Deal

Hopes That New Climate Chief Will Push Renewable Energy Growth in UK

ROCKWOOL® joins national sustainability benchmarking group

New research on landlords experience with FITs to be launched on 10th October 2024

National Fuel Poverty Conference – London and Manchester

Summary of the Green Deal for executive teams or residents. Part 3

Summary of the Green Deal for executive teams or residents. Part 2

Summary of the Green Deal for executive teams or residents. Part 1

Why are social housing providers so reluctant to take up offers of free insulation on hard to treat properties?

Government housing announcement - stimulus package

Meeting ECO’s obligation – DECCs “in-use factors” consultation

Wirral's Energy Challenge winner

£16million for carbon cutting entrepreneurs

Heat or Eat: The health impacts of fuel poverty

New policy proposal suggests associations sell off their homes - comment

Further energy efficiency proposals for housing – Welsh Building Regulations proposals

An exciting opportunity: RHPP Community Scheme – open now for applications

Flagship wins environment prize at Anglian Water’s awards

First inner city co-operatively owned renewable energy project in London shines on – Brixton

£5m new funding for renewable heat announced

Big milestone for Green Deal – registration open

Green light for UK’s first national eco town scheme

Registered Providers pivotal to Green Deal success

New guidance for local authorities to improve energy efficiency of homes

3 reasons Bradley won the tour and what it means for housing

New research indicates 80% of residents to take up Green Deal

The difference between energy monitors and smart meters

Fuel poverty killing 4 times more than road accidents

Hastoe Housing Association wins Passivhaus award for Wimbish development

Four out of four. What do you think?

£100m now available for smaller development sites – 2 weeks to apply

Switching off 'standby' devices can save £86 per year

Leading housing provider rewarded for going green

£8m boost for energy efficiency and microgeneration

Green Deal changes announced - what Government has said post consultation

Passivhaus guru Wolfgang Feist on UK tour

Relish™ honoured as a top sustainable solution at Rio+20

Free training to ensure your residents can afford a warm and comfortable home

Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change to open SHIFT Certificate event

How to design a cost-effective programme of energy efficiency improvements

Three things you didn’t know about the Green Deal Finance Company

Home improvements for fuel saving and renewable energy

Getting the energy efficiency message out to residents

New report about engaging residents on energy consumption is launched

2 Easy wins in saving energy in homes - findings from voltage optimisation study

Fuel poverty dips, but will rise soon

Hastoe Housing Association issues a £100m bond

Mayor of London announces further appointments to his top team

View a super energy efficient retrofitted home in Bolton – opening this Friday

The 4 top changes to benefits and how they impact your residents

One of the first Green Deal Advisor training sessions launches in London

Renewable Heat Incentive – 3 reasons the delay is not a big deal

£10million available for improving energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings

£4million grant available for building process competition

Spreading light on low energy lightbulbs – an easy reference

Nine striking facts about water

Managing Director April 2024 update

New £25 million grant announced for biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal

Code for Baker Homes level 4 energy bill savings

Are you benefits aware?

Is the social housing sector becoming greener?

A housing association's garden makeover for Climate Week

Water shortages, overheating, flooding! What are landlords doing to adapt to climate change?

Rent arrears and fuel poverty – joining the dots

Press release: Winners of the SHIFT sustainability best practice awards 2011/24 announced

£50,000 funding opportunity - WPD Community Chest

Building Regulations 2013 - consultation on energy efficiency in new and existing dwellings part 4

Is solar PV still viable with Government cutting the feed in tariff?

Building Regulations 2013 - consultation on energy efficiency in new and existing dwellings part 3

Building Regulations 2013 - consultation on energy efficiency in new and existing dwellings part 2

Building Regulations 2013 - consultation on energy efficiency in new and existing dwellings

Baker Homes to deliver community engagement for ‘Greening Macclesfield’

Housing associations taking more comprehensive actions on sustainability issues

‘Fabric first’: The best approach when building to high levels of the CfSH

Gentoo's Sally Hancox awarded an MBE

Catalyst Housing Group launch exemplar eco-refurbishments in Reading

Steps leading contractor is taking to help clients go green

LEAF Grant Window Closing, LEEF Finance Still Open for Business

Major housing provider joins national green group

SHIFT sees major changes on the back of significant growth

Big change to multi million pound fund - 100% funding now available

New sustainable housing superhero arrives to cut carbon!

Leading law firm, Devonshires, joins national green group

Top tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Government offers £10M in new funding for energy efficiency– but you’ve got to be quick!

Low carbon housing numbers smashed – Number of homes at Code level six tripled!

The Save Energy Save Money Roadshow

Regenda makes the SHIFT to sustainability

Green Deal thinking revealed - Government launch consultation today!

Winner of a national construction and building award

My stay in a zero carbon house - What are they really like?

How to spik to a New Zealander about sustainability issues

Critical update on SAP-piness and well-being

Government providing £500m to kick start home building

Dealing Green – what did Affinity Sutton find with their trial?

Amazing collection of work Baker Homes did for October

Can a Passivhaus be affordable?

Nine nifty tips to save water at home.

Top ten Green Deal facts every housing professional should know

£100million retrofit fund announced

Targeting Retrofit – Getting a grip on the numbers

Government scheme benefits housing stock in Burnley

Code for Baker Homes vs Passivhaus round 2

The bout of the decade: Code for Baker Homes vs Passivhaus - round 1

Major construction players join national green group

Governments' Green Deal trials - have they proved anything?

Shocking claims about air-source heat pumps

Government announce details of £15million funding for heating systems

Seven items to consider for maximum solar energy generation

Baker Homes win national award

When I am building zero carbon homes, which measures will be allowed?

Government releases Standard Assessment Procedure data

Zero in on zero carbon homes - What are they really like?

Mears SHIFTs up a gear in its sustainability drive

VPhase makes major SHIFT

Higher sales values to come for green homes

Being excellent at energy efficiency

Government announced fresh details of Green Deal funding…are you ready for it?

Enormous engagement enterprise – Baker Homes to train hundreds in a national pilot

Five Fantastic Passivhaus Facts!

How to finance green homes? Events announced will help landlords and local authorities

In Parliament last week - Government to require improvements to inefficient homes by 2018

A surprising evening - the Managing Director with an interesting proposal

7 stunning statistics every housing professional should know

Longhurst Group gains environmental best practice award

Renewable Heat Incentive made easy

Retrofit for the Future project findings reveals an 80% carbon cut

Sustainability standards in a cost conscious time

DCLG wants to work with SHIFT members on climate change adaptation

Partnership to create new generation of eco-friendly homes has begun

Government announce £8.6billion energy meter roll out

Gentoo Group acquires solar panel manufacturer

Gentoo is retrofitting and running on solar power

Top tips for engaging residents around green issues

Baker Homes for two more exciting awards!

Increase in feed-in tariff rates from April 2011

Shocking government zero carbon U-turn

HCA announce sustainability standards £4.5 bn 2011-15 Affordable Homes Framework

We had our national adaptation conference on Wednesday

Andrew Eagles uses pedal power for resident engagement at Ecobuild

On the road with Flagship's environmental roadshow

Based in Wales? Want training? Gain funding.

Green Deal Call for Evidence

Your input needed. How do you want the Green Deal to work?

Government publish new Carbon Plan

WWF to open major conference on housing and climate change

HCA issues Feed In Tariff guidance for partners

A Sustainability Template for Housing Providers or Green Alchemy?

DECC announces SOME details on the Renewable Heat Incentive

Creating great places at Great Places Housing Group

SHIFT landlords continue to shape sustainability standard

RELISH-ing the opportunity to eliminate fuel poverty

Ofgem reports surging uptake of Feed-in tariffs

What's the Big Deal with the Green Deal

Baker Homes speaking at Ecobuild

Residents and climate change - leading from the front

Do Corporate Boards want to know about climate change? You betcha.

Sustainability case studies - Silver SHIFT winners Octavia Housing

Resident energy efficiency measures - maybe meet your neighbour too

Secretary of State for Environment announces review of Feed-in Tariffs

HCA launch SHIFT sustainability benchmark results

How to prepare for the Green Deal and FITs?

Ministers suggest Green Deal for new homes

Will we overheat? Are we safe from flooding?

Have we got enough water?

Resident engagement and energy efficiency training begins

HCA Deputy Chief Exec to announce SHIFT Results

SHIFT adds Diamond to the collection

Baker Homes join expert panel for the Guardian

Actively Building Passivhaus in Scotland

H+H plus SHIFT = sustainable housing

Housing sustainability index to unveil results

The Mayor is delivering London’s low carbon future

2016 Zero Carbon Target: Government welcomes interim recommendations

UK’s biggest emergency exercise launched. How prepared are you?

The UK Climate has and continues to change. Are our buildings ready?

Greg Barker’s Microgeneration Strategy to boost consumer confidence

Communicating Green Deal concerns

Baker Homes delivers energy efficiency works to 20 Hastoe homes

Five top tips on greening your company

Baker Homes received outstanding feedback

Welsh Code for Baker Homes Level 5 development

Training residents on energy efficiency in the home

Apollo SHIFTs up a gear in its sustainability drive

Housing Associations as the new "Green Deal" providers

New progress on "zero carbon" definition

Construction industry calls for more low-carbon regulations

Green your organisation with Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow

10 zero carbon homes delivered 6 years ahead of Government targets

SHIFT case studies: Effective methods for changing behaviours at work

Another award for Baker Homes?

Feed-in Tariffs – an opportunity for landlords

Huhne's announcement on Green Deal - 100,000 new green jobs

Code for Baker Homes 2010 changes goalposts

Training to the Passivhaus standard

New trial reveals some heat pumps not performing

Welsh Assembly requires Code for Baker Homes level 3

Housing Quality Indicators

Does your LA require the Code for Baker Homes?

Social Housing Green Champion of the Year - Baker Homes!

Comprehensive spending review outcomes

Energy Bill to regulate energy efficiency in private rented sector

Changes to the Code for Baker Homes- transitional arrangements

Code for Baker Homes level 6 development

UK adapts to climate change

Retrofit for the Future low-carbon projects about to start on site

£75m committed to retrofit fund by European Investment Bank

National campaign to ask MPs to take action on climate change

SHIFT to go to the Hague

Passivhaus Scheme

Smart meters - not so smart?

New Building Regulations could increase carbon emissions

The Code for Baker Homes is changing!

Green homes: Labour hid benefits of energy efficiency in homes

Shapps provides more information on zero carbon definition

Coalition commits to Code for Baker Homes for new build

Water shortages and hosepipe bans in the north west

SHIFT landlords make up 40% of the top affordable housing developers

Using our assets – Existing Buildings

Rachel's adventure in the Brazilian jungle

Another busy week for Baker Homes

Hastoe's low carbon "retrofit for the future"

Community, place, sustainability & vegetables…

What will the election mean for sustainability in housing?

New version of the Code for Baker Homes – implications

Easy ways to save money and reduce your carbon impact

Code for Baker Homes

New research examines the link between rent arrears, voids, energy efficiency measures and cost savings for landlords. Download the report.


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