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An exciting year ahead for housing and sustainability - Special announcement

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 31/03/16 07:30

I am writing with an important update about Baker Homes and the year ahead. Read More

Topics: SHIFT accreditation standard, Baker Homes, Housing Associations, Benchmarking, Carbon

Landlords set out steps to improve efficiency & reduce impacts

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 23/02/16 07:30

The recent climate change agreement in Paris has shown a world appetite for reducing impacts and operating more sustainably. Landlords in the UK have for some time, led on sustainability, reducing emissions and installation of renewables. 

Hastoe Housing Association has created this infographic summarising their main accomplishments in several areas of their operations. Their SHIFT accreditation is helping to measure and improve their energy and water efficiency and community engagement. They are now one of the greenest landlords in the UK (hoorah).   We thought a summary explaining some of their work might be of interest.   

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Topics: Heating, Renewable energy & heat, Waste, Energy, Carbon, Housing Sector

Policies revolutionising the state of New Zealand’s housing

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 29/01/16 07:30

Following an earlier article exploring the current context of housing in New Zealand, this article sets out some of the more successful innovative initiatives improving homes and improving quality of life.

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Topics: Insulation, Fuel poverty, Funding, Regulations & Standards, Government, Housing Sector

Sustainable housing in New Zealand - challenges and progress

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 21/01/16 08:00

We are striving to improve the quality of the UK’s homes and reduce fuel poverty.  It is often useful to consider the state of housing in other countries and the policy leavers being used to generate change. 

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Topics: Insulation, Fuel poverty, Funding, Regulations & Standards, Government, Housing Sector

The good, the bad and the opportunities for 2016

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 05/01/16 07:30

As we start 2016 year, following is a quick recap of the good, the bad and the opportunities from 2015.

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Topics: Heating, Sustainability, Fuel poverty, Energy, Environment, Government, Carbon, Housing Sector

King for a day - how I would ensure our homes were fit for the future

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 08/09/15 07:30

After much bloodshed, it is an honour to be crowned as the king of this green and pleasant land. Under my watch, our nation will become more green and more pleasant, overcoming the long, cold winter of inefficient homes. I will take a pair of sharp scissors to the instruction to ‘cut the ‘green crap’, that one of my subjects, who will remain nameless, is alleged to have said. My programme of action for these 24 hours is ambitious, and if it proves popular I respectfully suggest Prince Charles can wait a bit longer.

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Topics: Retrofit, Baker Homes, Funding, Regulations & Standards, Bills, Finance, Housing Sector

Barriers and solutions to energy efficiency in private flats

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 13/07/15 07:30

The University of Oxford, City of Westminster and Future Climate are investigating energy improvements in private flats. A workshop was held on 17th March 2015 to examine the issue in more depth. The following summarises the workshop and thoughts of contributors on the day.

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Osborne’s budget turns away from the environment

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 09/07/15 17:21

We always knew that the new Government’s first priority was not going to be clean air or the environment.  It is though still surprising to see the brazen way in which it is being downplayed, especially as we are told the Government still supports the global 2 degree climate change target. Does it? Can it square the circle?  Let’s have a look at the impact of yesterday’s Budget announcements. 

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Topics: Social housing, Sustainability, Climate change, Government, Energy efficiency

Sector discusses retrofit finance and drivers to reduce fuel poverty

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 21/06/15 07:30

Social landlords remain best placed to cut fuel poverty and help the government deliver more energy-efficient homes for the lowest cost.

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Topics: Retrofit, SHIFT accreditation standard, SHIFT landlord, Funding, Regulations & Standards

50% of animals lost – what the housing sector can do about it

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 21/05/15 16:15

Recently the WWF reported that the world’s animal population has halved in forty years. The findings, part of a study called the Living Planet Index, took some of the world’s leading scientists two years to develop.

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Topics: Housing Associations, Ecology, Regulations & Standards, Housing Sector

What does the new Government mean for sustainable homes and construction?

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 15/05/15 17:01

With a Conservative majority in Government and the key posts confirmed, it is worth taking a moment to consider the implications.

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Topics: Retrofit, Renewable energy & heat, Zero carbon, Regulations & Standards, Climate change, Government

New Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 24/05/15 24:33

It has been announced that Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, has been appointed as the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

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Topics: Fuel poverty, Climate change, Government, Carbon, Housing Sector

Stepping up to the plate: my challenge to social landlords

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 01/05/15 08:00

It is often said that social landlords are caught between a rock and hard place. On the one hand, expected to display the enterprise and verve of the private sector to solve the housing crisis; on the other, shackled by regulation and fulfilling many functions previously taken care of by the state.

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Topics: Retrofit, Fuel poverty, Housing Associations, Regulations & Standards, New build

Election 2015: Tories right to buy bad news for sustainable homes crisis

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 29/04/15 07:30

In the same week that the party manifestos confirmed familiar-sounding house-building targets, the nation’s third biggest house-builder, Persimmon, announced sales of more than £2 billion and an average sale price of £207,900. Suffice to say if build rates more than doubled, as they would have to under, for example the Lib Dems, it would make a serious dent on both. They had better hope that the parties’ record on meeting their targets does not improve.

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Topics: Insulation, Social housing

Four problems with zero carbon homes and what we can do about them

Posted by Andrew Eagles on 17/03/15 07:30

It is quite easy to argue that this government has backtracked on their commitments to environmental issues. One policy with continued support though is the commitment for new build homes to be built to zero carbon from 2016.

The commitment to a far reaching goal for new build homes is impressive. It compares starkly with policy towards existing homes, where funding to improve the UK’s leakiest homes (the energy company obligation) was dismantled at short notice. There are four key opportunities to improve the zero carbon policy as it stands.

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Topics: Retrofit, Zero carbon, Energy, Allowable Solutions, New build

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