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New research finds nearly half of UK couples argue over the heating

Posted by Guest Author on 25/05/16 07:30


The weather is getting warmer, but that doesn’t mean we’re all switching our heating off just yet. The inevitable heating debates continue. Nearly half of couples argue over whether or not to touch the thermostat, according to a survey commissioned by heating and air conditioning specialist Andrews Sykes.

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Topics: Heating, Bills

New funding announced to support smart meter rollout

Posted by Guest Author on 18/05/16 07:30

A new fund launches today, open to applications from not-for-profit organisations who can help engage people and communities across Britain with information about how to get and use smart meters.

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Topics: Funding, Energy, housing sector

One of the most sustainable landlords in the country – “How we achieved gold accreditation”

Posted by Guest Author on 20/04/16 13:05

Catalyst is one of the leading housing associations in London and the South East. We are an award-winning developer and manage more than 22,000 homes for people on a range of incomes – from social, affordable and intermediate rented homes, to sheltered housing, shared ownership as well as homes for outright sale.

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Topics: Sustainability, SHIFT accreditation standard, Offices & operations, Housing Associations, SHIFT landlord, Residents, Bills, Energy efficiency

Portsmouth refurbishment shows potential for retrofit to re-assert itself

Posted by Guest Author on 04/02/16 14:00

The mood music for retrofit, and in particular solid wall insulation, has not been good of late. Issues have flared up with some installations not performing, sometimes even causing additional problems. The Government’s chief construction adviser was commissioned to report for industry. Peter Bonfield is investigating issues of consumer protection.

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Topics: Retrofit, Insulation, SHIFT partner

How energy efficiency can save you money on your mortgage

Posted by Guest Author on 14/01/16 13:30

What is a green mortgage?

Already widespread in the USA, green mortgages are still relatively unknown in the UK even though they are gaining exposure. As more and more people are paying attention to environmental issues around the world, UK banks have started to follow suit and have extended their offers to this new kind of mortgage.

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Topics: Value for money, Finance

Energy efficiency, damp and the dangers of confusing cause with effect

Posted by Guest Author on 26/11/15 07:30

Tom Jarman, Environmental Sustainability Co-ordinator at SHIFT landlord Your Homes Newcastle, on why we need to be careful to point out the real reasons behind damp and mould.

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Topics: Retrofit, SHIFT landlord, Funding, Energy efficiency, ventillation

Rent arrears, voids and your bottom line – new research

Posted by Guest Author on 18/11/15 07:30

We know that more energy efficient properties should mean fewer rental arrears and voids. Where rent arrears and voids are reduced this could have a positive impact on business plans. Equally investment in energy efficiency may not pay off. 

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SHIFT Awards 2015 - Recognising the social housing sector’s achievements

Posted by Guest Author on 08/10/15 08:00

This is a key time for the social housing sector. Shaped with the regulatory uncertainty and recent budget and funding cuts, the highest priority for the sector is to ensure it is prepared for the future.

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Topics: Social housing, Sustainability, SHIFT accreditation standard, SHIFT landlord, Benchmarking

Retuning the Green Machine

Posted by Guest Author on 06/10/15 07:30

The housing sector may have been diverted onto other issues at present, but a Baker Homes event 'Lean & Green', found that, despite recent announcements, landlords were improving energy efficiency by focusing on the positives, realising efficiencies that also happened to be green – rather than the other way around. Simon Brandon reports.

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Topics: Sustainability, Fuel poverty, National Energy Study, Housing Associations, Funding, Government, Finance

Retrofit and ventilation – storing up health problems down the line?

Posted by Guest Author on 18/09/15 07:00

I’m sure we can all think of a time when we have lived or stayed in a cold house. The memory of stiff limbs and visible breath can leave few people in doubt that living in a cold home can have serious impacts on the health of residents. Understandably, there have been growing calls to improve the energy efficiency and air-tightness of our homes to prevent heat loss and improve the quality of our homes. This is fantastic, but what about the risks associated with the warm, damp homes that this process could produce? There is a growing body of evidence linking homes with higher SAP values to increased instances of asthma.

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Topics: Retrofit, Health, SHIFT partner, Wellbeing, Energy efficiency

What is the energy consumption in European homes?

Posted by Guest Author on 03/09/15 07:30

Have you ever wondered what the energy consumption is in homes across Europe?

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Topics: Energy Performance, Carbon emissions, Housing, Energy efficiency

Top tips for impressing colleagues

Posted by Guest Author on 27/08/15 07:00

It is the end of August, you may have been on holiday.  When you come back you want to make an impact.  You want to look dynamic, decisive and intelligent.

We’ve gathered up some top insight on how you can make that massive impact in those August and September meetings.  What do you think?  Read More

Topics: Behaviour change

5 big sustainable building solutions to watch for this year

Posted by Guest Author on 13/08/15 07:30

With our planet’s natural resources depleting and energy costs rapidly rising, the demand for sustainable building solutions grows every day. This year is slated to be a huge year for sustainable technology, with many major releases. Here are five sustainable building solutions to watch for in 2015.

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Topics: Renewable energy & heat, Water, Energy, Technology, Energy efficiency

As 2016 target ditched, first apprentices start on groundbreaking zero carbon development

Posted by Guest Author on 23/07/15 15:23

SHIFT accredited A2Dominion, the lead developer at UK’s most sustainable development NW Bicester, has welcomed its first young construction recruits on site. Willmott Dixon, the contractor on the scheme, recently hired its bricklayer apprentice and completes the initial weekly college student placements. The NW Bicester masterplan will encompass up to 6,000 highly energy efficient new homes.

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Topics: New build, Wellbeing

Zero carbon homes – “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

Posted by Guest Author on 16/07/15 16:39

Tom Jarman, Environmental Sustainability Co-ordinator at SHIFT landlord Your Homes Newcastle, on why it isn’t necessarily curtains for zero carbon homes

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