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Magdalena Bilinska

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Accredited retrofit training course launched

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 30/03/16 24:30

We all know we need to get retrofitting millions of homes.  Do we have the skills?  Recent government reports suggest that skills need to improve if we are to leave well ventilated, warm, healthy  homes.

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Topics: Retrofit, Government, Training and elearning

How to reduce flooding damage to homes

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 17/02/16 07:30

The problem

Climate change is set to increase the frequency and magnitude of severe flooding events in the UK. A new study ‘Projections of future flood risk in the UK’ finds that by the 2050s an additional half a million homes are projected to flood[1]. Over £200 billion worth of assets are at risk in Britain[2].

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Topics: Flooding, Climate change, Adaptation

Five amazing things you never knew about Baker Homes

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 27/01/16 08:00

We usually write some good stuff about policy, regulation and funding. We also write about case studies of homes and retrofit.

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Topics: Consultation, Baker Homes, Overheating, research, Housing Sector

Regulation restricting CO2 grows from 50 to 500 laws globally

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 30/07/14 08:04

Legislation plays a fundamental role in tackling climate change.  New research, conducted in collaboration between Globe International and the London School of Economics, shows a dramatic increase in the climate laws. The findings of the study illustrate that the world’s stock of climate legislation has risen steeply, from fewer than 50 in 2000 to almost 500 in 2013! Those are becoming more ambitious as countries realise the benefits of tackling climate change and discovered that the costs are manageable.

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Topics: Retrofit, Consultation, Baker Homes, Fuel poverty, Zero carbon, Regulations & Standards

Obama – No other country has done as much to reduce energy use (Part 3 of 3)

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 16/07/14 07:30

The historic decree issued by the federal Environmental Protection Agency  in June on behalf of President Obama to cut emissions from power plants by 30% was by no means the last word in America’s path to a low carbon future, but it has nevertheless spurred prospects for a global deal on climate change. It also shows that leadership on this issue is possible, especially when the arguments are reframed more along public health grounds, bringing US public opinion onside and isolating Congress.

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Topics: Consultation, Baker Homes, Renewable energy & heat, Zero carbon, Environment

Innovative heat scheme for 500 London homes - first in Europe

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 16/06/14 07:30

In the light of increasing fuel bills and drastic impacts of climate change, which are likely to affect most of us in some way during our lifetimes, we need innovative approaches to create a more secure, cost-effective and sustainable heat and power supply. 

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Topics: Heating, Baker Homes, Fuel poverty, Waste, Zero carbon

Experts gathered to share best practice on retrofitting - part 1

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 24/06/14 07:30

Experts in the sustainability and building sector gathered at the National Retrofitting Conference on 4th June at the majestic Manchester Town Hall. A great line up of speakers brought together some of the sector’s most innovative projects, technologies and successful schemes on retrofitting. Presentations were supplemented by workshops to trigger discussion and get an insight into current issues and approaches.

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Topics: Retrofit, Baker Homes, Health and Wellbeing, Housing Associations

Experts gathered to discuss how to become flood-resilient

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 07/05/14 10:22

Representatives from leading housing associations, local authorities, consultancies, universities and architecture companies gathered at a Breakfast at Baker Homes (B@SH) event on 1st May. Held at the London’s Living Room, City Hall, in partnership with Green Sky Thinking week, the morning’s discussion and debate focused on flooding and what actions we can take.

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Topics: Consultation, Sustainability, Baker Homes, SHIFT landlord, Flooding, Climate change

‘Energy revolution’- power to the communities

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 31/03/14 10:41


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Topics: Consultation, Baker Homes, Energy, Government

Free and innovative loft hatch insulation

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 24/03/14 11:59

Baker Homes has been made aware of a new, British invented, energy saving device that is now for sale. It is a new offer so we thought that readers would be interested to know more.

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Topics: Consultation, Insulation, Baker Homes, Housing Associations, Energy, Bills

Retrofit with a CROHM battle plan

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 11/03/14 09:06

Blog written by Richard Griffiths, Development Manager, Parity Project.

Before any landlord embarks on a retrofit programme, the very first step should always be for them to make sure that they fully understand the current state of their stock, and how installing energy saving and generating measures can improve it. Without doing so, they risk delivering over-expensive and under-performing programmes, and can be left at the mercy of better-informed energy companies and contractors.

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Topics: Retrofit, Consultation, Baker Homes, Housing Associations, CROHM assessment, Funding, Energy efficiency, Carbon

Did you know…social landlords can get Green Deal Cashback?!

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 24/02/14 09:58

Landlords are eligible to receive Green Deal Cashback. You need to have a Green Deal Assessment, then ‘accept a quote or Green Deal Plan with a Green Deal Provider’ ( Landlords can fund the cost of works and receive cashback – i.e. they don’t have to use GD finance. They do have to use a GD provider to install though.

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Topics: SHIFT accreditation standard, Baker Homes, Housing Associations

77% of people support renewable energy

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 10/02/14 10:04

DECC routinely monitor public attitudes to renewable and energy issues. The idea is to gauge how the public sees what DECC does to achieve goals in areas of energy efficiency, improving the UK’s energy infrastructure and increasing the amount of energy the UK generates from low carbon sources.

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Topics: Baker Homes, Renewable energy & heat, SHIFT partner, MMC, Bills

International news- are we on track to a 2015 global climate deal?

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 07/02/14 09:47

Representatives of United Nations meet annually to discuss climate goals as a part of the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The 19th UN Climate Change Conference (COP19) was held in Warsaw, Poland, from 11th- 22nd November 2013.

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Topics: Consultation, Baker Homes, Zero carbon, Climate change

Housing Association wins top award in Quality Housing Services

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 05/02/14 09:55

Hastoe has achieved the top award in the Quality Housing Services (QHS) Criteria for Excellence Assessment in all service areas, becoming one of only two organisations to reach this level. 

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Topics: SHIFT accreditation standard, Baker Homes, Housing Associations

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