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Five amazing things you never knew about Baker Homes

Posted by Magdalena Bilinska on 27/01/16 08:00

We usually write some good stuff about policy, regulation and funding. We also write about case studies of homes and retrofit.

In the last little while we’ve had clients ask for some quite interesting projects.

We thought it might be of use to put down some of the new areas of sustainability we’ve been working on and what we have learnt.

1) Overheating risk assessments - Temperatures are rising. 2015 topped the list of hottest year ever recorded. The ten warmest years ever recorded have all occurred since 1998. This can create real issues for people. If properties overheat it can create significant discomfort for people and even serious health issues.

Landlords are asking us to help identify those properties that are at risk and suggest measures that can help. We use specific SAP overheating methodology and supplement this with sensitivity analysis to identify which factors affect the likelihood of a home being at risk from overheating to the highest degree and what can be done in practical terms. The methodology is also adapted to include projected summer temperatures. The assessment is far more cost effective than in depth modelling.

2) Evaluating effectiveness of renewable technology or how homes are operating once built – Renewable technologies ought to reduce bills for tenants – but is this always the case? In one instance a landlord found that homes with simple gas central heating and hot water often had lower bills than some of the homes with renewable technologies.

With this type of work we provide a range of analysis to help better understand what is going on. This includes, but is not limited to, in-depth analysis of the heating and energy needs of the home, and energy monitoring. This can be coupled with interviews with residents to understand how they are using energy in the home.

3) Key performance indicators – Some of the largest landlords in the country have asked us to evaluate environmental impacts of organisations and helped them develop relevant KPIs and scorecards.

We really like our SHIFT methodology but this is actually entirely different. In this instance landlords are asking for bespoke work and assistance to meet their targets. No problem. We can do that. Here is what one client had to say:

“Baker Homes have been helping us to calculate environmental impacts, set SMART targets and develop a scorecard. This has allowed us to better measure and improve our performance markedly.

In particular it has been a help to hold workshops and facilitated time with staff. We have seen some real progress. I am very happy recommending Baker Homes to others.”

Robin Feeley, Director of L&Q Energy, L&Q

4) Helping the sector improve with research and insight – We have conducted a number of surveys that provide a comprehensive understanding of the sector, strengthen the evidence base and support the decision making process. An illustration is our work on district heat.

The heating survey found that there was no specific guidance on charges for community heating. Charges varied tenfold between organisations. Some residents were paying 3pc per watt while others were paying over 30pc per watt.

We are also working on important research on the performance of homes.

For the last two years we have been conducting National Energy Studies which provided valuable insights into the way people behave and use energy in the home. The focus is now the ‘performance gap’ in their new build homes.

The performance gap research will address this issue and identify the causes of their sometimes significant underperformance. Want to get involved? Click here for more information.

5) We speak over 10 languages!! Beat that. Baker Homes is more global than ever before with staff members from a range of countries!

We can speak over 10 languages including… Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Maori, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Welsh, and others. How about your office. Can you outdo that?

Sounds useful? Want more information on the above projects or need bespoke support not mentioned here?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0875 221 2232 or

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