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Five key events to power up your sustainability campaign this year

Posted by Begum Bidik Nash on 15/03/16 07:30

SHIFT landlords often ask us about how they can better engage staff and residents on sustainability issues. Planning your internal or resident engagement around worldwide movements is a great way to create a buzz and gain interest. Utilise these events to encourage your colleagues and residents to take action and increase buy-in into your organisation’s sustainability agenda.

19 March 2023 – Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an annual global event, organised by WWF, where households and businesses switch off their lights for one hour to show commitment to the planet. First held by WWF Australia in 2007, it quickly gained support around the globe, increasing to over 170 participating countries and 40 UNESCO world heritage sites in 2015.

Earth Hour 2016 website has a starter kit which includes posters, social media toolkits and event guides to help you run your own event. Why not use this opportunity to revitalise your office switch off contest? You can expand your campaign to include not only lights but also monitors, printers and other small appliances.

Did you know? Residents of Sibuyan Island in the Philippines turn on their lights during the Earth Hour while the rest of the world switches off. Sibuyan generates 100% of their energy from a 900 kW hydro-electric plant and the community joins the Earth Hour to show the world that a clean energy future is attainable.  

22 March 2023 – World Water Day

World Water Day is observed by all UN member states to bring attention to the world’s water resources and highlight required improvements for access to clean water and sanitation. It dates back to 1993 and focuses on a different theme each year in line with current challenges.

This year’s theme is ‘better water, better jobs’ to recognise 1.5 billion people working in water related sectors and skills needed in the future to improve quantity and quality of water. UN Water’s website offers knowledge, ideas and toolkits to inspire your Water Day activities here.

You can help your colleagues and residents being more water efficient by directing them to their local water supplier’s website. Almost every water company in the UK now offers a wide range of water saving freebies for showers, taps and toilets. Order some samples and give them out to colleagues to start the conversation.

One of the Earth Hour   Starter Kit's banners

5 June 2023 – World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nation’s leading campaign for advocating for environmental protection and global awareness. This day is often used to call on the politicians to take tangible actions towards environmental improvements and celebrated with parades, cleanup campaigns, street rallies and concerts. It is also heavily promoted by UN’s Goodwill Ambassadors, giving environmental activism positive mainstream media exposure.

Why not take part in WED by celebrating the achievements you have made on your sustainability journey and brainstorm ideas with your colleagues on how to build on your success? A sustainability week to coincide with WED and the start of summer will give you plenty of room to be creative with your activities. Mix fun and quirky activities with more ‘strategic workshops’ to get feedback on your strategy or action plan.

The 2015 WED toolkit set outs different mediums and avenues you can employ to get your messages across.

22 September 2023 – World Car Free Day

Not one week passes when we don’t hear a report on about the dangers of diesel fume levels in the UK or the shocking number of people estimated to die prematurely from NO2 pollution. The threat is local and real, and affects all of us and our families daily. World Car Free Day is a chance to demonstrate how our cities might look like, sound like and breathe like without cars.

Ask your colleagues to ditch the car and commute more sustainably for a day – walk, cycle and use public transport or at least car share. Make sure to support them by providing cycling information, cycle route maps and the links to popular car sharing websites. If you don’t have a travel information pack for your offices detailing public transport times and locations, this is the perfect time to prepare one.

World Car Free Network is responsible promoting the World Car Free Day but events are decentralised. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to tailor activities to their communities and local needs. Gain inspiration and how-to guides at their website.

26 November – 4 December 2023 – National Tree Week

How about finishing off 2016 with the UK’s largest tree celebration launching the start of the winter tree planting season? The National Tree Week was launched in 1975 as a response to the Dutch elm disease crisis of the 1970s which saw millions of elms in southern Britain die. Organised by the Tree Council, the week aims to engage communities to take positive action for their local treescape and plant more than a million trees.

Tree planting activities are supported over the course of the year with tree warden training and walk in the woods with rangers. Have a look at the Tree Council website for events near you and promotional material to spread the word about the National Tree Week. This would be a great opportunity to get your staff, residents and local communities together for a tree planting day with optional Christmas nibbles! Make sure your event is listed on the Tree Council website so others can join and give you a helping hand.

We hope this guide was useful to raise the sustainability agenda in your organisation. Do you have any others events on your calendar? Have you tried one of these events in your organisation/community? We would love to hear your comments.

For more hands on help on how you can reduce your impacts and improve get in touch. We are helping a range of businesses and landlords that manage over 1 million homes. Contact us at or 0208 973 0420.

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