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Free heat meter surveys for social landlords

Posted by Richard Lupo on 05/04/16 07:30

At Baker Homes we know that the recent heat metering regulations have concentrated effort on installing meters in heat networks.  This is good for residents, because they get charged only for what they use as opposed to a flat rate regardless of what they use.  It’s also good for the environment because, when heat meters are installed the heat usage is generally more efficient and so results in fewer carbon emissions.

But what about the benefits to landlords who have to pay for the installation of heat meters? Thankfully there are a number of ways to save money. And we know of a company providing surveys to assess what is needed to comply with the heat meter directive and the costs for landlords.

The other benefit to landlords comes from the savings that arise from pre-empting forthcoming legislation. The heat metering directive is in place. It is asking for heat network suppliers to install heat meters in certain circumstances. This allows residents to be charged only for what they use. It is likely that in the future there will be a “viability test” to check which heat meter installs are financially viable.  It might pay to get ahead of the game. Some organisations are already doing this. 

Bob Hatton, Business Development Director at Sycous said “We are seeing forward thinking landlords, such as Anchor Housing,  include heat metering in their major refurbishment works.  They know the regulations are coming, so they are installing while other works are already going on. This saves time and hassle getting into the homes at a later date.

This seems a thoughtful approach that will save headaches later on.  Essentially the disruption to residents happens only once, but many issues can be resolved at the same time.

Victoria Mager, Commissioning Manager at Anchor said, “We really wanted to be able to manage our billing in house, so much so that we were going to develop our own software. Then we found Sycous, and saw the opportunities of their online software. It provided both us and our customers the ability to manage billing in a much more user friendly way. We really like the freedom it gives us, and the integration we can have with our existing finance systems. It’s relatively simple and easy to use and the support we have received from Sycous has been second to none. The service has been great for us and our customers!

There is one other benefit that is really worthwhile. It’s one we here at Baker Homes’ really value. 

Heat meters can increase the SAP rating of a home by up to 4 SAP points, especially if heating controls are fitted at the same time. This means that the homes are more energy efficient and bills are lower for residents.

So what do you think?  Are you considering installing heat meters?  Want to know the potential costs?  Would a free survey help?  Hit the button below. 

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