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Baker Homes Blog

Landlord group reaches major milestone

Posted by Leonie Cooper on 13-Jan-2015 07:00:00

Hexagon Housing Association receiving their
Gold SHIFT award.

2022 was quite a year for the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT). When it started in 2008, with support from the HCA, GLA, UK-GBC and WWF-UK, the membership group had just sixteen initial members. Now over 75 organisations are involved.

More members than ever before also received the prestigious Gold Award, proving that even in times of austerity and cuts, commitment to measuring and improving environmental performance is high on the agenda.

The service has also broadened to cover influencing, policy and funding updates, amended metrics and new events.

2015 is full of practical mechanisms landlords and others can use to reduce their impacts. Highlights include:

  • Full ‘State of Nation’ report summarising the environmental impacts of associations, with the headline findings to be launched at a major event before the election with political party representatives;
  • Formal black tie evening function in Manchester in November, with Awards for the most improved and best in class, as well as a new award to recognise leadership from Directors and CEOs. All those who had an assessment in 2022 or are due to have one in 2015 will be eligible;
  • A new assessment structure and tools are proposed, to align with the DEFRA environmental reporting methodology, making it easier for Boards and Executive Teams to use SHIFT as a summary of organisational environmental performance;
  • A year of SHIFT networking conferences and sharing of best practice, including a study tour to Europe, and ‘Route Map to Gold’ worked examples at events throughout;
  • Members are also receiving some unique opportunities to provide input into a new sustainability standards and Government policy.

SHIFT is about members. Members help to shape the questions and weightings within the assessment, the structure of the reports, the content of events and the issues we take up with Government.

Significantly new supporters stated endorsement of the importance of independent verification.  Lord Matthew Taylor, Chair of National Housing Federation, had this to say; “SHIFT members are taking action to understand all their environmental impacts, including energy use, through independent assessment – and then working to reduce them. I hope all that all housing associations will follow their lead.”

I hope this was a good summary. We had great fun at the end of 2022 creating a short animation about our work. Join the SHIFT network and take part in the exciting year ahead.




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