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Landlords to contractors: “Prove your green credentials”

Posted by John Stapleton on 03/08/15 07:00

The proverbial man from mars would not have to look far for evidence that humans are taking seriously the threat to their planet of climate change. No annual report, CSR statement or ad campaign is nowadays complete without an environmental statement of intent. But he may be puzzled to read this proliferation of earnest literature in conjunction with dire warnings about the consequences of a global temperature rise of 4 degrees C. Which should he believe?

Unfortunately, ‘being green’ is often interspersed with commercial considerations of reputation, image and marketing – and therefore on occasion subject to a certain amount of, let’s face it, hyperbole.

How do you tell who is doing what or whether they mean what they say? It’s hard – even for professionals, which is why we set up SHIFT for Contractors. Using the same principles behind SHIFT – independent verification of sustainability credentials – the scheme gets behind the claims and analyses point-by-point what contractors who undertake work for social landlords are doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

Social landlords are taking the environment seriously – and they want the people they work with to do so too. SHIFT for Contractors means that the people in charge of building, maintaining and refurbishing homes can prove that they are doing what they say they are.

Landlords want this to happen – which is why 19 have put their name to this message to contractors:

“It is increasingly important that we take action to tackle climate change, think ahead in terms of adaptation, use our resources efficiently and make our residents’ homes warmer and more energy efficient.  

We really value what a programme like SHIFT does to independently measure environmental impacts and to help organisations identify areas for improvement. We think the benchmarking and best practice network provides a real opportunity to improve, and an influential industry voice on important issues.

We are now backing a call for contractors to have their environmental performance independently verified and benchmarked. This would help us to identify those contractors who are going further in their own efforts to improve and see how they compare with their peers.”

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