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Passive ventilation provider joins leading landlord sustainability group

Posted by Leonie Cooper on 28-Jan-2015 09:51:00

Ventive Ltd, a leading provider of passive ventilation with heat recovery (PVHR), announced their partnership with the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) this week.

There is a growing concern that improving the energy efficiency of homes, without providing adequate ventilation, is affecting Indoor Air Quality and making residents ill. At the same time, the Climate Change Act 2008 and other drivers are motivating many organisations to improve the air tightness of dwellings and reduce the scope for natural air infiltration.  Ventive focusses on providing effective and efficient ventilation products for both retrofit and new build projects; addressing both energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality – improving tenants’ comfort as well as health, while saving them money.  

The company’s founder, Tom Lipinski, aims to ensure that the drive for energy efficiency is combined with improved comfort, health and wellbeing, and that our homes are free from damp, mould and other indoor pollution, while saving energy and money. This radical idea is based on a premise that good design can create effective solutions.  Ventive PVHR is their innovative product that can deliver this. 

SHIFT is a benchmarking group for affordable housing providers. One million homes are under membership.  SHIFT was developed with the support of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), the Mayor of London and the WWF-UK.

Tom Lipinski, Managing Director of Ventive: “Many landlords are in the process of improving the insulation of thousands of homes.  There is significant potential for poor air quality to arise, due to much reduced air infiltration.  

Passive Ventilation uses no electricity to run and it doesn’t break down, Ventive uses that same principle and recovers the heat from the stale air, improving comfort and reducing the energy bills. We have noted the potential of using existing chimney stacks when retrofitting older properties and it saves quite a bit of space and time.  It is possible, with a combination of air buoyancy and wind, to create a flow of air within the interior of the building, ensuring high standards of air quality and comfort in the home.  We look forward to helping landlords and others with their retrofits ensuring that adequate ventilation is always considered. 

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director of Baker Homes also welcomed the partnership, saying:  It is particularly important that ventilation is factored into retrofits.  The Retrofit for the Future study showed that lack of understanding of ventilation was one of the key issues with many of the homes retrofitted to low carbon levels.”

We are very pleased to welcome Ventive Ltd to SHIFT.  Their innovative solution has the potential to assist in many of these retrofits and many more across the country.  It’s great to have them within the group.”

SHIFT is recognised by the Homes and Communities Agency as a useful tool for reducing environmental impacts and improving “place-making”. The Chartered Institute of Housing also recognises SHIFT as an environmental accreditation scheme.

In addition to Ventive Ltd, corporate partners of SHIFT include:  BRE, The Chopping Company, Climate Energy, H+H UK Ltd., Inside Housing, Mears Group, ROCKWOOL®, the Sustainable Communities Partnership, SolarTech Ltd, Wienerberger. 


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