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Does your LA require the Code for Baker Homes?


Our survey reveals that people are more conscientious than we thought...


Social Housing Green Champion of the Year - Baker Homes!


Baker Homes win Green Social Housing Champion of 2010 at the Sustainable Housing Awards


Comprehensive spending review outcomes


Affordable housing new build grant funding


Energy Bill to regulate energy efficiency in private rented sector


In response to a question asked at a fringe meeting during Conservative Party Conference, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker revealed that the forthcoming Energy Bill will contain legislation to regulate energy efficiency in the Private Rented Sector!


Changes to the Code for Baker Homes- transitional arrangements


The Code for Baker Homes will shortly be changing. Some of the main changes to the code within the next month will be increased energy efficiency and more demanding targets to achieve Code for Baker Homes credits. Minor changes will be the inclusion of Lifetime Homes into the Code for Baker Homes. Future blog articles will go more indepth with the changes to the Code for Baker Homes.


Code for Baker Homes level 6 development


Green Space, a 10-unit residential scheme in Chelmsford has been certified to Code for Baker Homes level 6 – the highest possible level. To reach Code level 6, homes must reach a zero carbon standard and only a handful of developments have achieved the certification so far, six years before government’s commitment to zero carbon homes.


UK adapts to climate change


Why does the UK have to adapt to climate change?


Retrofit for the Future low-carbon projects about to start on site


The Technology Strategy Board's Retrofit for the Future competition has provided funding for 85 intensive low carbon retrofit projects this autumn. The projects are expected to make an 80% reduction in carbon emissions and substantial savings in fuel costs.The retrofit projects will demonstrate the type of changes needed throughout the UK's housing stock to meet the Governments carbon reduction targets of 80% by 2050.


£75m committed to retrofit fund by European Investment Bank


The National Housing Federation has called for interest from housing associations to set up a retrofit loan fund that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds. The proposal from the NHF in collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB) could finance retrofit across the UK social housing sector.

The EIB would lend 50% of the costs as a green loan facility for associations to borrow at very low rates over a period of at least 25 years. Around 25 housing associations would need to participate in order to make the fund work successfully.
Improvement work would focus on installing photovoltaic panels and renewables to take advantage of the government’s feed-in tariff scheme. Loans would then be made using Feed In Tariffs (FIT) income to finance further works and repay interest on the loan.

Piers Willamson, Chief Executive of the HFC Bank, said the fund would be a more financially beneficial alternative to the companies that are offering to install ‘free PV’ on the roofs of housing association properties in return for the income from the FIT. Mr Williamson said: ‘By signing up to a scheme there are plenty of benefits, but someone else is trousering the profit. This allows for more of the value of the feed-in tariff to be captured by a housing association.’

Andrew Eagles, MD at Baker Homes has called on organisations to act on FITs. He said that this fund could help “housing providers and their residents draw real financial benefit from FITs, but many organisations are unsure about the risks involved. This fund could provide the reassurance needed to take advantage of this opportunity."

The NHF is working with the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes and other partners, including the HFC Bank and environmental consultancy Camco, on the deal.

Click here to see original article by Inside Housing on 27/08/2010.


National campaign to ask MPs to take action on climate change


A Coalition of NGOs called Stop Climate Chaos is assisting people to connect with their MPs on 5th-6th November to ask for action on climate change.  The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is a group of 100 organisations including Friends of the Earth, WWF, Actionaid and others.  


SHIFT to go to the Hague


Baker Homes is very honoured to be asked to speak at the International Social Housing Summit (ISHSUM).  The plenary session, which will be delivered on the morning of 13th October 2010 at the Hague, will focus on the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT)


Passivhaus Scheme


What is Passivhaus?


Smart meters - not so smart?


How smart are smart meters?


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