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Ministers consider allowing energy firms two more years for delivery of Energy Company Obligation targets


The Guardian reported today that Ministers are considering allowing energy firms two more years for delivery of Energy Company Obligation targets. We wrote three letters to the PM with the backing of 140 leading organisations, underlining why ECO was crucial in tackling fuel poverty and creating local skilled jobs. We also suggested solutions. Here we comment on the potential impact of this potential proposal.


Housing associations with best environmental performance revealed

SHIFT index

Last Wednesday (20th November) at the glamorous Homes Networking Dinner those organisations leading the way with reductions in environmental impacts were awarded the SHIFT ‘Best in Class’ prize.


Third letter to Prime Minister - 140 organisations suggest solutions to the Energy Company Obligation

Baker Homes supports ECO

Negotiations on ECO are happening today.  Our letter, below, calls for minimum annual solid wall install targets.  It is vital that minimum targets are established. Support warm homes and local jobs, retweet this today.


Energy study of 500 homes starts. What’s it about and what has been found so far?

National Energy Study

Baker Homes has launched a 500-home National Energy Study into energy use and behaviour change, with the help of Rockwool and 14 housing associations nationwide.


Housing standards review – a different perspective

new build

This blog summarises the Housing Standards Review and considers how they could be improved according to Baker Homes team.


£4m funding for energy management

existing build, energy management, funding, technology stratergy board

Baker Homes has been made aware of new funding available for energy management. See below further information provided by The Technology Strategy Board.


Warm Homes campaign grows by 60 organisations in a day- 860,000 more people

Baker Homes open letter to PM

We wrote to the Prime Minister on Tuesday 24th November calling for him to recognise the work ECO is doing to reduce fuel poverty and create jobs.  Over 75 organisations wrote supporting that letter.  They manage homes representing 3.2 million people.


Open letter to Prime Minister-call for continuation of support for the Energy Company Obligation

Baker Homes open letter to PM
24th November 2013

Dear Prime Minister


I am writing this open letter on behalf of the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) network of housing associations, other associations, academics and the supply chain companies that maintain millions of affordable homes. As a group we own or manage the homes of over three million people. We are working hard to improve homes and reduce energy bills for residents. We note with alarm your recent statement that “We need to roll back some of the green regulations and charges that are putting up bills.


Landlords managing homes for 3 million people call on Prime Minister to support warm homes

Press release- ECO

In an open letter over seventy landlords, academics, contractors and others voiced support for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and its role in reducing energy bills and generating thousands of jobs.


Tackle fuel poverty with Energy Display Devices

In-house monitors, Ewgeco, energy use

Baker Homes has researched Ewgeco monitors and thought that others should be made aware of this tool for the industry.


Oral evidence on the Housing Standards Review- what the Environmental Audit Committee heard

Oral evidence on the Hosuing Standards Review

This blog is a comment on the oral evidence submitted to the Environmental Audit Committee as part of the Housing Standards Review (HC 192, Wednesday 9 October 2023).  It is a very long and varied document so only a few key points will be covered here.  Representatives from BRE, Local Government Association, National Housing Federation and Home Builders Federation gave evidence. 


Leading organisations sound warning about housing standards review

Housing Standards Review, Government Consultation

The Environmental Audit Committee launched an Inquiry into the Government consultation to examine the Housing Standards Review and the Code for Baker Homes.


It is not over! - Other tests to check you are ready for children.

ideal parent

We hope you enjoyed part one of our parenting advice checklist. Here are the final checks.


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