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Greg Barker’s Microgeneration Strategy to boost consumer confidence


Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, launched a formal consultation document for the coalition’s Microgeneration Strategy on 22nd December 2010.  The Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Act 2009 commits Government to promote microgeneration technologies in England only. The basis of this Strategy is to provide savings to consumers when coupled with the Green Deal, smart meters, Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariffs. It will also assist in Government’s goals to reduce UK CO2 emissions by sourcing 20% of EU energy from renewables by 2025.


Communicating Green Deal concerns


The Green Deal is expected to be available to customers in the latter half of 2024. The scheme is to encourage energy efficiency improvements by savings on energy bills while avoiding costs to households, private landlords and businesses. It is anticipated that the loan amount may be up to £6,500 with it being attached to the property instead of the individual. The “golden rule” is that the instalment payment for the energy efficiency measures should not exceed the savings for the duration of the financing arrangement. The Green Deal is central to coalition plans to meet targets under the Climate Change Act 2008 which requires Government to cut green house gas emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. A key thing to note is that the Green Deal is becoming more than rhetoric, it is becoming part of legislation.


Baker Homes delivers energy efficiency works to 20 Hastoe homes

hastoe housing association

Working together, Baker Homes and Hastoe Housing Association have carried out energy efficiency works to twenty homes in a project to improve their environmental credentials. This work, including consultation with residents, was funded through the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) local standards pilot.


Five top tips on greening your company


The drive for energy efficiency and green credentials is fast becoming a must do for business. Baker Homes, Managing Director, Andrew Eagles provides five top tips on making change.


Baker Homes received outstanding feedback


Sovereign Kingfisher Housing Association asked for help with establishing a sustainability strategy. This was a really interesting project. 


Welsh Code for Baker Homes Level 5 development


The Welsh Assembly Government is strongly promoting environmental standards and the use of the Code for Baker Homes. This year Code level 3 became mandatory for all new homes built in Wales. Since this decision was taken there has been a push for a new Code level 5 development.


Training residents on energy efficiency in the home

resident engagement

A Housing Association has asked Baker Homes for three training events for residents and frontline staff on energy efficiency. These events will be delivered in the New Year.  


Apollo SHIFTs up a gear in its sustainability drive


The UK’s fastest-growing property services provider, Apollo has signed up as principle sponsor of the nationwide sustainability initiative, SHIFT.


Housing Associations as the new "Green Deal" providers


With the Green Deal being a major driver for carbon emission reductions, there is a feeling that Housing Associations and Local Authorities could become financiers for refurbishments to existing builds. The Housing Associations can oversee the developments which can be undertaken by Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), energy companies or other providers. The providers will have to take into account the skilled workforce that’s needed and the scale of the refurbishments. With this in mind Housing Associations and Local Authorities could conceivably deliver wide scale improvements to the existing housing stock by using the Green Deal.


New progress on "zero carbon" definition


Government targets set out that by 2016 all new homes and by 2019 all new non domestic buildings must be ‘zero-carbon.’ This has galvanised action on the zero carbon agenda, but has also led to furious debate about what zero carbon actually means and whether it is actually achievable.


Construction industry calls for more low-carbon regulations


A report prepared by Paul Morrell, the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser, and industry representatives today called for clear, consistent and strong regulation from Government to stimulate demand and enable the construction industry to deliver the Green Deal and carbon reduction goals.


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