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£300m available for bringing empty homes back into use


The HCA has announced new funding which aims to bring 5,000 empty properties back into use, using a share of a £300 million capital funding. The focus is on properties which are considered long-term empty, in areas of risk of decline and where there is a clear demand for homes. The bid window is 11 December 2023 to 25 March 2013.


Chop-Cloc joins national sustainability benchmarking group


CHOP-CLOC Ltd., a new energy efficiency solution provider for heating controls, is proud to become the latest corporate partner of the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT).


Two new dates announced! Heat Pump training roadshows for social housing providers


Following a series of nine successful roadshows across the UK, the Department of Energy and Climate Change today announces two new roadshow dates.


Sustainability – jargon buster


Ever held a conversation with someone, read an article/ book/ magazine/ regulation or listened to a presentation where it seemed that every other word was some new jargon or term. This experience is not solely exclusive to ‘foreigners’ to a particular field of expertise or experience, but is also experienced by professionals within their particular field of interest.


How Hastoe and their residents are saving on gas and electricity

Hastoe resident

My Home Energy Switch is a 3 part energy supply financial inclusion service from the National Housing Federation. It’s a free, impartial online or telephone comparison and switching service and is for social housing tenants and housing associations to help them:
• Save tenants money by ensuring tenants are on the lowest available tariff.
• Simplify the void property process by reducing the void period through closing off all issues related to energy supply and meter maintenance quickly and efficiently.
• Reduce business costs by checking and switching the energy supply to corporate properties to ensure the organisation is getting the best deal.

Some of our SHIFT members have taken up the service. We thought it may be of interest to other associations out there.


An energy bill to power low-carbon economic growth, protect consumers and keep the lights on


Essential legislation to power low-carbon economic growth, to protect consumers, and to keep the lights on was introduced to Parliament by Edward Davey today.


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