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Minister endorses the work of national eco benchmarking group


The Rt Honourable Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, has endorsed the work of the Baker Homes Index for Tomorrow (SHIFT), the national sustainability best practice group.


Decent Homes are resilient homes says London Climate Change Partnership and Baker Homes


SHIFT’S conference on 27th February is all about ‘Saving water and reducing the impacts of flooding,’ and the event will highlight that social housing providers need to prepare to face more flooding and more water shortages in future.


Leading “waste house” reverses normal build process


To its great shame, the UK building industry throws away about 20 per cent of its materials every year, the equivalent of demolishing one in five of the homes it builds. It is a criminal act of waste in the middle of a housing and financial crisis, and if the industry is serious about putting its house in order it would do well to have a look at the work of the team building the Brighton waste house.


UK’s water resources in a changing climate – how prepared are we?

flooding event

A basic necessity for life, water, is very much threatened by our actions and the resultant changes to our environment. Research presents an unprecedented understanding that plausible climatic changes due heavily in part to anthropogenic influences, will be geo-specific in conditions experienced and degree of severity.


How can the green deal benefit businesses?


In the last few articles we have talked about the Green Deal and how home owners all over the UK can benefit from it. But it’s not just homes; businesses can also take advantage of it. The Green Deal will allow businesses to apply for funding to help them become more energy efficient.


Superstorm Sandy will become more commonplace – are UK homes prepared?

extreme weather event - flooding

A recent article in the Observer newspaper described the release of a major climate report in the US. The article, published on 27th January 2013, reports highlights of the US National Climate Assessment which was released the week before. The assessment was produced by a team of 240 scientists and was noted for its blunt wording. There is more confidence in climate change science and the report states that global warming is due primarily to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels.


Working in housing or construction? – How to assess your organisation’s sustainability

SHIFT members

Since 2008 Baker Homes have assessed some of the country’s leading social housing landlords in an audit of their sustainability credentials. SHIFT, the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow, is already widely respected among social landlords, but there is a growing demand among parts of the housing industry, such as construction companies and building materials manufacturers, to be able to measure their progress as more environmentally-conscious organisations. As a result, Baker Homes are now rolling out this service across the housing industry.


Professor Chris Rapley appointed new Chair of leading climate partnership - London Climate Change Partnership


Professor Chris Rapley CBE, the notable scientist has today been appointed as the Chair of the London Climate Change Partnership. Prof Rapley is Professor of Climate Science at University College London and his illustrious career (including his role as Director of the Science Museum London) demonstrates his commitment to understanding and adapting to the impacts of climate change at a local and international level.


You are a non DEA but want to be Green Deal Advisor super hero. Read on…


The Green Deal was launched on the 28th January to offer householders a long-term loan to help make homes more energy efficient. Under the Green Deal, households can use loans to spend money on energy saving improvements such as insulation and renewable energy technologies, without the upfront costs. 


Baker Homes celebrate gaining very useful new qualification


I recently received the good news that I have qualified as a Chartered Environmentalist. I’m really pleased about this. It is a great achievement. It also strengthens the credentials of Baker Homes. Many people have asked what this means. I thought I would explain it a bit more in a blog.


The Green Efforts of Celebrites Part two - Celebrities Get Political


We are seeing more and more stars get vocal about environmental issues. Super-couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin support Act Green, and use chlorine-free nappies for their son Moses. Paltrow, who has penned vegetarian recipes, has also revealed ambitions to become an organic farmer, whilst Martin has expressed his family’s love for sewing their own clothes.


The Green Efforts of Celebrities


It makes a welcome change to see celebrities using their enormous power and influence to stand up for environmental causes such as climate change, animal cruelty and deforestation. By making changes in the home, in the way they travel and even in the clothes they wear, these stars set an important example to their fans, and add a much-needed touch of glamour to environmental issues that could make all the difference in motivating the younger generation.


“Trillions of dollars of investment needed for greening global economy” says World Alliance


An unprecedented call for investment in greening, was made to world leaders at the Davos summit. The alliance, headed by Former Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, warned that £8.8 trillion was needed to move infrastructure and business to low carbon and reduce the devastating  consequences of global warming. The Independent reported this story on Tuesday. It has significant potential impacts for sustainability. We watned to share it with you.


Do you need accurate climate data?


Baker Homes sits on the London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP) and we’re helping them with important research on weather monitoring. Weather observations are some of the most important data required to enable London (and other Urban areas) to function. They are used by everyone to know when to take an umbrella or wrap up warm, but they are also critical for transport, businesses and government. Observations allow us to respond to extreme weather events and build long-term resilience. Weather observations are excellent for the communication of science and for education and community engagement.


Fabric First for AIMC4


H+H joined forces with, Stewart Milne, Crest Nicholson and Barratt Developments and the BRE to complete 17 cost-effective low carbon homes in England and Scotland for the AIMC4* development scheme. This project has been made possible by a £3.2million investment by the Technology Strategy Board, which has also been matched by the AIMC4 Consortium.


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