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Shocking government zero carbon U-turn


There has been a great deal of talking about the new definition of zero carbon. We thought it might be useful to set out what the old definition of zero carbon was and how the budget announcement changed it.


HCA announce sustainability standards £4.5 bn 2011-15 Affordable Homes Framework


The new four year investment framework for affordable homes looks modestly worded but has shaken the housing world with siezemic changes to the bidding regime for government funds. The framework makes huge changes to finance models and capital funding but sustainability requirements for the Code for Baker Homes remain, as do Housing Quality Indicators (HQIs). The localism agenda is visible with increased standards in the London Region. We have summarised requirements below and will be running training sessions to help housing professionals to understand the changes.


We had our national adaptation conference on Wednesday


It was a big build up. We had over 90 people attending at the beautiful Church House, Westminster. The focus of the event was adaptation. This means looking at how we can adapt to our changing climate such as higher temperatures, more rainfall and drier summers. This is different from mitigation. Mitigation is about reducing carbon emissions so as to reduce overall climate change.


Andrew Eagles uses pedal power for resident engagement at Ecobuild


Our valiant leader Andrew Eagles was putting his back into pedaling a demonstration energy bike as part of Sanctuary’s bid to win a Dragon’s Den competition at Ecobuild this year.


On the road with Flagship's environmental roadshow


Flagship’s Environmental Team has developed a unique way of engaging with customers on green issues. The ‘turn it off!’ campaign is a highly interactive road show taken out to local primary schools, where pupils and visitors are taught about the importance of looking after the planet and made aware of the implications if we do nothing.


Based in Wales? Want training? Gain funding.


A new fund helps small and medium sized enterprises train graduates. The GO Wales Graduate Training and Development Fund (GTD) helps with the costs of training. Graduates can be of any age and working in any position within your business.


Green Deal Call for Evidence


Baker Homes are working with leading organisations and Government on resident engagement and low carbon buildings.


Your input needed. How do you want the Green Deal to work?


On 7th April we are discussing the green deal with sector leaders. The outcome of the Inside Housing roundtable will be recommendations for Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on what is needed to make the Green Deal work.


Government publish new Carbon Plan

electricity generation

Nick Clegg last week launched the Coalition Government’s draft Carbon Plan outlining steps needed to ensure the UK reaches 2025 emissions targets.


WWF to open major conference on housing and climate change


On March 24th housing organisations and Government will come together with architects and building contractors from across the country to act on climate change.


HCA issues Feed In Tariff guidance for partners


The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has today issued a statement to its Investment Partners to explain how the Feed-in Tariff relates to schemes that have received HCA funding. The statement has been developed in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to clarify issues about State Aid rules on ‘double public subsidy’ for Investment Partners.


A Sustainability Template for Housing Providers or Green Alchemy?


Wakefield and District Housing hit the first ever Gold in the 2010 Sustainability Benchmarking Index. So how did they do it and what can the sector learn from this experience?


DECC announces SOME details on the Renewable Heat Incentive


On the 10th March 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), an innovative government-backed scheme aiming at revolutionising the way we generate and consume heat across the UK.


Creating great places at Great Places Housing Group

SHIFT silver award

Great Places Housing Group owns and manages 16,000 homes in 32 local authority areas in the North West and Yorkshire. We are committed to constantly improving our sustainability.


Members continue to shape-SHIFT


In February 2011 SHIFT members met to discuss how Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) works and how they would like to see it evolve. SHIFT provides an independent assessment of how sustainable an organisation is and recommendations on how to improve. Members also met to discuss best practise, financing and to learn from national experts.


RELISH-ing the opportunity to eliminate fuel poverty


The Residents 4 Low Impact Baker Homes is a 24 month pilot that researches the impact of retrofitting real homes and resident engagement. The report records in a controlled univeristy study the impact £6,500 worth of works has on energy bills. It also seperates out the impact that educating residents has. The findings, are likely to surprise you. They have significant implications for the Green Deal currently being negotiated through the House of Lords!


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