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Eco friendly ideas for the home

Switching off lights when you leave a room will reduce your electricity bills

We are all accustomed to thinking ethically about almost every aspect of our lifestyle choices; however, it is also becoming increasingly important to focus on the home as a place where it is possible to make a real difference, not only to the wider environment, but also to personal finances. Environmentally friendly thinking is a great way to help ensure our world becomes that little bit healthier. Equally important is the knowledge that having a conscious mindset will also help save money and time.


Latest figures show four fold rise in uptake of Green Deal

Number of Green Deal Assessments January March 2013

The latest figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that 7,400 Green Deal assessments were carried out in March, a significant rise on the 1,803 that were carried out in February. This brings the total number of assessments to 9,268 since the Green Deal was launched at the end of January 2013.


A strong year of delivery for the HCA – build numbers exceeded

HCA is supporting growth and employment via the Get Britain Building Coalition

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), working with local authorities, developers and registered providers, has reported a strong year of delivery in 2024/13.


Helping Staffordshire Housing Group get their homes to low carbon cost effectively

CROHM modelling allows comparison of effectiveness of measures

Fuel poverty is projected to impact on one in three homes by 2016 (Camco, February 2024).   Many of our clients are asking for help in business planning to get their homes to low carbon. We thought it might be of use to set out one of these projects as a case study. 


New product reduces heating demand by 18% while maintaining comfort


Baker Homes has become aware of a new product being used by some landlords to reduce energy bills for their residents, and we thought it might be of interest to you!


Housing association takes innovative steps against extreme weather

NW Bicester Eco Homes

Some of our SHIFT members have been completing really useful case studies. We thought you might find this of use. 


Superb National Housing Federation campaign for Shared Ownership


The National Housing Federation recently had its Shared Ownership Week, a cause which Baker Homes is helping to promote.


US set to exceed carbon reduction target by 2025


I saw this article recently (in New Scientist, February 2013) and thought it may be of interest and a welcome to hear that reports are predicting that the US is on track to meet its reduction in emissions goal .


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