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Enormous engagement enterprise – Baker Homes to train hundreds in a national pilot


We are quite excited. Our resident engagement work is going from strength to strength. 


Five Fantastic Passivhaus Facts!


Passivhaus is a fast growing energy efficiency standard with 30,000 properties realised to date. Passivhaus is based on a few simple principles – (1) to build houses which have excellent thermal performance and exceptional air tightness with (2) mechanical ventilation and (3) minimising the heating demand of the house.


How to finance green homes? Events announced will help landlords and local authorities


Two national events are to be held – in Manchester 8th June and London 15th June – to help landlords and local authorities to finance green home retrofits. The conferences were announced in partnership by the heads of two key national organisations, Baker Homes and the Energy Saving Trust.


In Parliament last week - Government to require improvements to inefficient homes by 2018


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne revealed his plans to beef up the Energy Bill. This will ensure that properties cannot be sold or rented if they are draughty or inefficient homes. In particular, the Green Deal will crack down on landlords that rent these types of homes.


A surprising evening - the Managing Director with an interesting proposal


I have been getting a few questions about this so I thought it best to summarise these interesting recent events.


7 stunning statistics every housing professional should know


1)    The average UK home emits 6.2 tons of carbon a year
This is based on an average home, defined as a two up two down semi-detached property. Homes make up over 28% of all UK carbon emissions. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the homes built in the last 60 years have not had a focus on insulation, airtightness or adequate ventilation methods. 


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