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8 key challenges to retrofitting- courtesy of Retrofit for the Future


The Technology Strategy Board recently published the post-occupancy findings of its Retrofit for the Future competition. 


New government study: “70% less CO2 is achievable from homes”


Technology Strategy Board funded 'Retrofit for the Future' research has recently been published outlining findings from post-occupancy emissions monitoring.  


Baker Homes celebrates achieving Investors in Diversity status


Last week the National Centre for Diversity notified us of our accreditation to Stage 2 of Investors in Diversity status. Woohoo! 


New Charter to change priorities on allocation of homes


One of our SHIFT members, New Charter Homes, is to introduce two new banding systems to score people's priority for a home.


Major study reveals costed health, crime and economic benefits of improvements to homes


One of our SHIFT members, Nottingham City Homes, has undertaken an Impact Study of their Decent Homes retrofit scheme (called Safe, Warm, Modern) in partnership with Nottingham Business School.


Eco chat up lines - win £500 of training!


Always here to help, Baker Homes have come up with some green conversation starters for you to make the most of your environmentally friendly building credentials!


Great Places scoops prestigious national green award!


One of our SHIFT members, Great Places Housing Group has taken home the prestigious Energy Efficiency accolade at this year’s Housing Excellence Awards.


Are work clothes with logos sustainable?


This blog is aimed at social landlords with logo’ed work clothes and at suppliers of recycling services (or logo’ed clothes) looking for a new business opportunity.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please comment on this blog below.


Save more by using energy efficiently than by switching supplier alone

Smart meters can allow residents to identify where they can make savings in the home

Reviewing and changing energy usage habits in and around the home on a day to day basis is the one sure way customers will pay less for their gas and electricity, and with carbon emissions at an all time high, we should all be doing our bit to take responsibility for our usage.


£6m fund for renewable heat opens

Solar thermal panels are among the renewable heat sources being promoted by DECC through the funding competition

A new £6million competition aimed at getting renewable heating kit into the homes of social tenants across Great Britain has been launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).


Why climate change is like the measles

Public mistrust of MMR mirrors scepticism of anthropogenic climate change

A measles epidemic has just swept through parts of South Wales, and although some doctors now suggest that incidences of the virus have peaked, at the time of writing, over 1,000 cases, 84 hospitalisations, and one suspected fatality have been reported. It has been blamed on public mistrust of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination since 1998, following a study by Dr Andrew Wakefield which linked a rise in cases of autism with a rise in the uptake of the MMR jab. The evidence presented did not meet proper scientific standards, and was subsequently disproved and discredited. He was later struck off the medical register.


IMF seeks to end to fossil fuel subsidies

Subsidies reduce incentives to improve efficiency of power generation

The IMF has recently published a report in which it comes out strongly against fossil fuel subsidies, concluding that they disproportionately benefit the wealthy (who consume more), and are a threat to the environment and national economies, sucking funds away from public spending. The IMF has calculated that around $1.9 trillion worldwide, or a total of 8 percent of Government revenue (including that which is raised via taxation), is spent on energy subsidies.


Manchester housing providers forming community growing network

Southway Housing Trust are supporting community growing schemes in South Mancheser

One of our SHIFT members, Southway Housing Trust, is supporting community food growing programmes around neighbourhoods in South Manchester, and would like to hear from other Housing Associations who have run similar projects around the country.


HCA Chairman to speak at Retrofitting 2013

Robert Napier, Chair HCA

Baker Homes and partners are delighted to announce that Robert Napier CBE, Chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), will be speaking at the Retrofitting 2013 conference on Wednesday 5th June.


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