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£8m boost for energy efficiency and microgeneration


Local firms in the South West are to benefit from a new £8 million initiative that aims to kick-start jobs and growth in the region's energy efficiency and microgeneration sector.


Green Deal changes announced - what Government has said post consultation


The Green Deal is a significant step in reducing carbon emissions from our homes. Government intends that over 14million homes will be improved through the Green Deal by 2025.


Passivhaus guru Wolfgang Feist on UK tour

Passivhaus at Wimbish, Essex

30th June – 3rd July 2024


Relish™ honoured as a top sustainable solution at Rio+20


Last night, sustainability legend Gro Harlem Brundtland, media guru and philanthropist Ted Turner, EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard, and 150 VIP guests celebrated the first concrete outcome at Rio+20: The launch of Sustainia100. Worthing Homes is proud to announce that Relish™ has been chosen for this prestigious list of solutions.


Free training to ensure your residents can afford a warm and comfortable home


Impetus with Blooming Green is running free training for small housing associations on fuel poverty. This training is being funded by EDF Energy.


Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change to open SHIFT Certificate event


We are delighted to announce that Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, will be opening the SHIFT presentation event, within the Homes Conference dinner on the 14th of November. Over 700 chief executives, directors and senior managers will be in attendance.


How to design a cost-effective programme of energy efficiency improvements


Finding ways to achieve Britain’s target of 34% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025, and to 80% in 2050 (based on 1990 levels), presents householders and landlords with a number of challenges.


Three things you didn’t know about the Green Deal Finance Company

Green Deal Finance Company

People have asked about how those looking to provide the green deal will obtain finance. The Green Deal Finance Company is likely to provide support for some organisations to leverage up their funding. We thought it would be useful to provide an update on the work of the Green Deal Finance Company.


Home improvements for fuel saving and renewable energy


Rising fuel costs have focused concerns about energy efficiency for many citizens, leading them to seek ways to save fuel while simultaneously minimising their impact.

For those currently heating their homes with boilers, many people are replacing aging units with a new energy saving boiler to improve the bottom line and reduce carbon emissions. Boilers over 10 years old are likely to function at an efficiency rate of 78% or less. Energy saving boilers recycle much of the waste heat that would otherwise go out of the flue, and are 85-90% efficient. In combination with room or radiator thermostats, as much as 25% can be saved on heating costs. Simple steps such as closing windows and drawing curtains when it is chilly and the boiler is on can further reduce energy waste.

Proper insulation in lofts and walls will also minimise heat loss.  Many homes already have some loft insulation, but increasing this significantly to 270mm thickness can save as much as one third off heating costs. Cavity wall insulation properly installed, is a very cost-effective way to save up to another third of the heating bill, and will keep the interior temperature more even. Grants up to 100 per cent of costs can be available to qualified recipients to install these measures.

Incentives for solar thermal heat and other renewable heat installations are under development. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme involves a tariff for heat generated by biomass, ground heat pumps and other renewable sources. The tariffs, already available for commercial and industrial users, will be available to householders in 2013.


Getting the energy efficiency message out to residents


On 10th May 2024, Baker Homes held their latest in a series of SHIFT events -exclusively for their SHIFT members and corporate partners. The day focussed on `Helping residents and home owners live more sustainably.’


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