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When I am building zero carbon homes, which measures will be allowed?


This article is about the proposed rules for building zero carbon homes. There are new suggestions about what measures could be used to get to zero carbon. They are called allowable solutions because they are the solutions to zero carbon that will be “allowed”. The Zero Carbon Hub have launched these proposals for a delivery framework for allowable solutions


Government releases Standard Assessment Procedure data


The Tenants Services Authority (TSA) collects a standard set of data from registered providers of social housing. Included in that data is the average Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating for general needs, rented homes. The spread of SAP ratings is impressive with some SAP ratings into the 80’s. Equally there are a number of landlords with SAP ratings which are far lower than the mean. Here’s a bar chart straight from the TSA data:


Zero in on zero carbon homes - What are they really like?


Instalment one – how it felt


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