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Government to slash housing standards, opens consultation on space and accessibility


The Government’s Housing Standards Review launched last October and aimed to streamline and harmonise the housing regulatory landscape. Following this, Communities Minister, Don Foster, has put forward proposals to remove dozens of standards for house-builders. The government hopes that the plans announced on Monday 20 August, will help free-up the construction industry, thereby supporting economic growth.


Survey reveals construction professionals strongly favour environmental regulations

Baker Homes' survey reveals that over 70% of housing professionals are in favour of environmental and space standards for new-builds

A survey by Baker Homes Ltd reveals that over 70% of construction professionals favour regulation of environmental and space standards.


70-year-old couple cycling 900 miles to raise money for Ugandan village


Former Hastoe board member embarks on 900-mile charity bike ride


£2.3m of retrofit funding available for social landlords

Social landlords in the South-West of England (excluding Cornwall) can now apply to a £2.3m funding pot, to improve the energy efficiency of their stock through the 'Ready for Retrofit' scheme.

The programme, which is coordinated by the Energy Saving Trust, is aiming to 'improve properties, boost the local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.'


Eight things you thought you knew, but were wrong!


A recent survey devised by the Royal Statistical Society, in collaboration with King’s College London, and carried out by Ipsos MORI, entitled ‘The Perils of Perception’,shows just how wrong public opinion can be on key social issues such as crime, benefit fraud and immigration’.


DCLG opens consultation on Allowable Solutions for Zero Carbon Homes


The government is committed to implementing a zero carbon homes standard for new-build homes from 2016. The zero carbon homes standard will require house builders to decrease all carbon emissions from energy consumption arising from fixed heating and lighting, hot water and other fixed building services (e.g. ventilation) in new homes. It does not include carbon emissions from appliances or ‘white goods'.


Are sustainability certification schemes useful for housing providers?

The Baker Homes Index for tomorrow helps organisations to improve their environmental performance

Here we look at three major certification schemes commonly considered by housing providers, and the different ways that they might apply to housing providers. SHIFT is an industry specific scheme that includes peer learning and support networks and rewards; ISO 14001 is a generic international standard and; EMAS is a European alternative based on ISO 14001 but with some additional requirements.


NW Bicester: the UK's first truly zero-carbon eco-town


A2Dominion - one of our SHIFT members - in collaboration with Cherwell District Council, is embarking on a development of one of the most sustainable communities in the UK.  Their goal is to construct 5,000 truly zero-carbon homes in North-West Bicester in the next 20 years, of which 30% will be affordable.


Building Regulations: lower carbon reduction than expected


The government has published details of the long delayed update to Building Regulations Part L for England.


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