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Planning permissions climb 49% in Q2 - HBF/Glenigan


Planning permissions for new homes rose 49% year-on-year in Q2 2013 to 37,053 approvals, according to the latest Housing Pipeline report from HBF, compiled by Glenigan.


Housing associations & ALMOs unite for major energy behaviour study

Baker Homes' pioneering National Energy Study will analyse the effectiveness of comparison in energy expenditure between consumers as a means of encouraging a reduction in energy consumption

Does understanding how we perform relative to other households help us change our behaviour? This is the topic of a major research study being undertaken by 14 housing associations throughout the United Kingdom.


Free smart meters available with prepayment systems


Baker Homes has been informed of this interesting offer and thought it might interest some of our readers.


Major housing provider joins national sustainability group - SHIFT


City West Housing Trust has joined the leading sustainability benchmarking initiative, the Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT). With members spanning the majority of the UK – England, Scotland and Wales – housing associations nationwide are beginning to see the benefits of independently assessing the sustainability of their organization.


Havering Homes draw on Climate Energy ECO funding & expertise to tackle hard to treat cavities


Cavity wall insulation is a cost effective and long term way of cutting energy bills and reducing carbon emissions. However, not all cavity walls are the same. As many as 5.8 million properties in the UK have cavity walls that are classed as ‘hard-to-treat’, meaning they cannot be insulated using the same methods and products as a standard cavity wall. But even the trickiest of cavity walls can be treated to successfully reduce energy bills and ensure significant carbon savings.


£5m finance available for energy efficiency & renewables for SMEs


ReEnergise Finance recently launched its SmartEnergy fund for SMEs seeking energy efficiency or renewables works, with initial backing provided by renewables equity managers SI Capital.


Homes 2013 - Registration open – see you there


Homes 2013The future of housing: Organised by Ocean Media Group in partnership with the CIH, Homes 2013 is an exciting event dedicated to asset management, repairs and maintenance, retrofit, sustainability and the supply of affordable homes.


LED light retailer increases sales 5-fold in 18 months

Shining a light on success

The UK’s leading online LED light retailer, LED Hut, has joined some of the country’s fastest-growing companies as a finalist in this year’s National Business Awards. Having increased sales five-fold over the last 18 months, LED Hut has been shortlisted in the Growth Business of the Year category of the prestigious national awards, which take place on 24 November 2023 in London.


Save up to 30% on new, easy to install voltage optimisation units


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