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New research finds nearly half of UK couples argue over the heating

Posted by Guest Author on 25/05/16 07:30


The weather is getting warmer, but that doesn’t mean we’re all switching our heating off just yet. The inevitable heating debates continue. Nearly half of couples argue over whether or not to touch the thermostat, according to a survey commissioned by heating and air conditioning specialist Andrews Sykes.

Heated debates
The recent survey, which questioned 2,000 UK residents in relationships aimed to get the bottom of these heating rows.

- 49% of UK couples argue over the heating

- 21% of couples in Britain argue over their heating bill; while only 7% percent calculate how much they could save

- Half of all arguments are over having the heating too high;  one third over it not being high enough

- 22% argue over whether it’s better to have the heating on all day or in short bursts

It doesn’t stop there though: 35% of men have turned the heat down behind their partners’ backs, while a quarter of women have been cheating with the heating and have turned it up without telling their husbands or boyfriends. Shockingly, 4% of couples have had near-relationship-breaking arguments over the thermostat.

Burning a hole in your pocket?
More than half of us won’t touch the thermostat for fear of high bills. 57% of women keep the heating off to save money, 50% of men do the same. What’s shocking is that while more than half of us do this, only 7% of people said they calculate how much they could save on their heating. Men are more likely to be the penny pinchers, with 9% crunching the numbers.

Half of respondents think women are culpable for keeping the heating high, while 21% think men are the ones keeping the heating on. Sexes don’t see eye-to-eye, however; each think that they are most likely to keep the heating lower to save money.

- One third of women think ladies keep the heating low to save, while only 23% think men do

- While half of men think they keep the heating down, only 10% think their partners do the same

Warming thoughts
While late October is when most of us (20%) turn on the heating, 11% of women said that they first turn on the heating when they feel cold, regardless of the season. 60% of men put their partners first when it came to turning the heating, while 68% of women said it was usually them that wanted the heating on.

- 56% of respondents live in a heating democracy, with equal say over the thermostat (secret adjustments notwithstanding)

- Aside from this, men and women tended to agree that ladies have the final say when it comes to the thermostat

20% of us prefer to keep our homes cosy, no matter the cost. Ultimately, family comes first though, as 32% of us claim that our family and partners’ comfort is paramount when it comes to having the heating on.

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