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Your chance to rule – game lets you play to solve carbon dilemma

Posted by Richard Lupo on 29-Jan-2015 07:30:00

What would you do if you were in charge of reducing UK carbon emissions?

Do you ever get frustrated at the lack of progress on reducing emissions?  Do you ever feel that if only you were in charge then things would be better? Well, now here’s your chance to test yourself.

Have a go on the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) climate 2050 challenge game.  The link is here.  The idea is that you can adjust a series of sliders to govern things like how energy is generated in this country and how we can reduce demand.  You can even adjust how fast or slow manufacturing growth is.  With careful management you can see if you can reduce emissions to 20% of 1990 levels whilst at the same time matching supply with demand (or the lights will go out!).  An “energy security indicator” helps guide you on your way.  There’s even a pretty picture of the UK that you are creating as you create it.

I had a go.  I gave myself the extra challenge of cutting carbon without using nuclear power stations.  In my view these are far too costly and an unnecessary risk.

It took me to about 5 minutes to achieve this aim, but we would have to make a great effort on how our homes consume energy.  How long will it take you to achieve this target?

Just for you to know, DECC say that the game is “a visualisation as well as simplification of the 2050 Pathways Analysis in order to further share its findings.”  So the data behind it should give the game a bit of robustness.

This is a great interactive tool helping to deal with complex issues that we face as a nation.  In developing the game DECC hope to reveal some of the challenges and difficult policy decisions that are having to be made.  We welcome your thoughts about the right policy direction that needs to be taken. 

Was I right to exclude nuclear?  What would you do? Do enjoy and post below how long it took you to achieve sustainable energy levels.  See if you can beat 5 minutes!




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