Issue 41 includes new research on new build performance gap, impact of energy efficiency on rent arrears, new awards on sustainability...
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Issue 41


Hi ,

I hope you are well. Please see below a summary of some of the latest information on sustainable housing in the UK. We welcome thoughts, feedback or offers of collaboration.

The SHIFT Awards are open to all social landlords. They recognise and celebrate outstanding projects within the housing sector.

We are looking for landlords who have demonstrated leadership in sustainability and have achieved significant operational savings through environmental improvements. Learn more and submit your entry here. Deadline 9th October 2015.

We have seen that cars are not performing on the street as they perform when tested.  Are homes at the same risk of not performing as expected?

The National Energy Study 3 is your chance to find out.  Assess your homes to see how they compare against expected standard assessment procedure and other similar homes. Learn how you can get involved here.

The sector is facing massive challenges on the performance gap in retrofit. How can housing associations deliver more energy efficient homes and reduce fuel poverty?

We are bringing together experts from the sector to discuss the issues, opportunities and challenges and how to address these. Book your place here. SHIFT landlords and partners free to attend.

There are growing calls to improve the energy efficiency and air-tightness of our homes, but health risks could eventuate from warm, damp homes.

Recent research demonstrates that there is a link between homes with higher SAP values and increased instances of asthma.... read more here.

We are often asked how we can help a team or department understand fuel poverty. We recently launched our interactive online training.

If you are after effective training on fuel poverty, asset management, energy efficiency, renewables and a host of other subjects click here to learn more.

What is the impact of more energy efficient homes in rent arrears and voids. How can it contribute to your business plans? Landlords can take part here.

Stories from leading landlords

Paul Ciniglio, Sustainability & Asset Strategist at First Wessex calls on Government to mandate environmental benchmarking...

Upcoming events

Measuring your environmental performance - various dates

Improving your homes: New ECO funded measure - 6th Oct, Nottingham

National Conference: Addressing the Retrofit Performance Gap - 14th Oct, London

National Conference: Addressing the Retrofit Performance Gap - 10th Nov, Manchester

Heat metering: updates, impacts & solutions - 21st Oct, webinar

SHIFT Awards 2015 - 10th Nov, Manchester

Tools that can assist you

Train your staff on fuel poverty, asset management, energy efficiency (homes & offices) and renewable energy.

Energy Service Company Feasibility Studies
Find out how you can lower resident fuel bills and generate revenue streams with community energy.

We are delighted that....

are undergoing SHIFT accreditation, and

has partnered with SHIFT. We look forward to working with you!

To see a full list of those involved click here.

Client feedback:

"SHIFT has really helped to enable us to understand what our strengths and weaknesses are and has really helped move our orgnaisation forward - clear benefits to a business."

- Paul Ciniglio, ‎Sustainability & Asset Strategist, First Wessex




... for every home to encourage more sustainable lives