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Baker Homes has been helping the housing sector reduce its environmental impacts for over 15 years. Working with social landlords, government and and the supply chain we want to raise the profile of ideas that we think can make better quality homes happen.

Our campaigns and ideas platform provides the opportunity to have your voice heard, partner with other like-minded organisations and lead the call for change.

Current Campaigns

Enabling more investment to improve homes - Social PAYS

Fuel poverty is impacting on over 2.3m households. As a nation we are drastically behind on our carbon reduction targets. Many landlords are in a key position to lead change but there is an issue. Improvements made to homes help residents save energy but housing associations are restricted in the rent they can charge and cannot therefore recoup any energy savings.

At our National Retrofitting conference on 5 June 2023 we asked SHIFT landlords if more retrofit works could be done if they could recoup up to 25% of the energy savings residents made from energy efficient homes. There was support for this.

Baker Homes are calling for the Government to analyse the potential that rent flexibility could have on enabling more lower energy new build homes to be built and more existing homes to be retrofitted. At the same time Gentoo and Affinity Sutton have commissioned a report from Verco on a social housing PAYS model based on rent, to fund retrofit alongside substantial government investment.

Any mechanism would guarantee that no resident was left out of pocket as a result – with most substantially better off. Help make this happen.

Add your name to the list of organisations supporting this idea (no financial or time commitment is involved).


Supporting housing providers:

Affinity Sutton, AmicusHorizon, Gentoo, Bolton at Home, Bromford Housing Group, Catalyst Housing Group, Hastoe Housing Association, Liverpool Mutual Homes, Nottingham City Homes, Octavia Housing, Orbit Group, Plus Dane Group, Riverside, South Yorkshire Housing Association, Trafford Housing Trust, Trident Social Investment Group, Wigan & Leigh Housing, WM Housing Group.

Supporting organisations:

New Bold Design Limited, CoRE, IRT Surveys Ltd, Ecofirst Consult, JamieKAbbott Ltd., Isothane Limited, Arcus Consulting LLP.


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