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Last updated: 14.11.19

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Electrics, Sound & Vision

Complete Package tailored to you > Electrics, Sound & Vision

Electrics, sound and vision

By Martin Baker

We can offer an infinite range of options to set up your summer house, garden office or workshop to your exact requirements - from just a heater, few sockets and face fit light, through to the latest in LED lighting that can be run through an app on your phone.

We can also install all your communications requirements, including phone and hard wire internet and all types of TV cabling. We will even hang your TV on the wall, fit speakers in the ceiling and conceal all the wires.

During our site survey we will discuss all your requirements for the electrics and communications, and give you a fixed quotation (not estimation).

Our dedicated team of electricians have over 50 years of experience between them on our buildings and can always accommodate your requirements.

We can install a basic setup for your workshop with a light and a few sockets or provide you with a comprehensive, cutting edge solution that can include the latest low energy LED dimming downlights and app run lighting.

You can choose external lights with dusk sensors or operated from the house, climate control or convector heating and all other aspects of electrics.

We can also install communications, including a single super fast Internet socket & Wi-Fi bubble or give you multiple socket points in the room. We can connect you to your existing telephone line or you may decide to have a separate business line that we can connect to.

We can also give you whatever TV connection you require, from regular roof aerial to freesat, apple TV or SKY.

Our latest app run lighting

If you wish, we can set up your entire lighting and sockets system to run off an app on your phone or tablet. LightwaveRF have developed this amazing product and every individual socket and light switch has infinite possibilities.

Not only does this mean you can use you phone like a remote and turn or off or dim lights from your house, but you can also set up certain lights to go on off at particular times or events, for example: "When it gets to dusk stay on for 3 hours".

The great thing about this product is it can be retro fit in your house by our team, so you can change just one socket, allowing you to turn off the iron from anywhere in the world, or as you arrive home from work the garage door opens and the outside lights turn on. If you wish, you can even lock all kitchen sockets before you get up at the weekend so the children cannot harm themselves.

See this short video of a room with this included.

and it at night ........

Technical information



The submain is the main electrical cable coming from your fuse box in your house to the garden room fuse box. It is called SWA (steel wired armour) and is either dug to a depth of 450mm, run under paving/ concrete or attached to a brick wall but never a timber fence. This is installed as a TT installation and this means it has a separate earthing rod by the building for safety.

Alternatively on smaller power requirements you can have a minor works installation that could come from a socket in your house and run in a similar way.



All our garden rooms and offices are produced with cavities to run hidden cabling after the main building is installed. This gives you the freedom to see the building up prior to deciding where you would like sockets heating and lighting. We can agree perfect requirements to your situation and any type of lighting heating sockets are all available to make the building perfect for you.

Did you know that the latest LED lighting is so low powered that you can run all your internal & external lighting for your garden room for the same cost of running one regular 100w bulb? Also our latest Mitsubishi inverter climate control units cost less to run summer and winter than the regular heater for the winter. Essentially cooling the room free of charge.



We would normally run a strung pipe alongside the SWA cable this can hold CAT5 and any other cabling required, The CAT5 cable would come straight from your Router in the house and then run into a socket or multiple sockets in the garden room.


By Martin Baker


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