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Exterior Finishes, Cladding and Roofing

Complete Package tailored to you > Exterior Finishes, Cladding and Roofing

Exterior Finishes, Cladding and Roofing

As part of our complete package, we offer a wide range of exterior finishes to make your building look beautiful and protect it from the elements.

All our buildings have a base coat preservative as standard. We then recommend a top coat preservative of Sikkens or Sadolin Superdec.

These options give great finishes from natural wood colours through to pastel paint colours, and can be applied in the factory prior to delivery. We can also give you some amazing roof finishes for the perfect feature.


Technical information

Base coat preservative

In our factory in the heart of Sussex we have a unique vertical dip tank. This tank holds 2000 litres of a spirit-based basecoat preservative.

This unique tank allows us to submerge dip every panel once it is manufactured, meaning that every element of the building is fully submersed and then left to drip dry.

The topcoat preservatives then give the waterproof quality, leaving the basecoat preservative that soaked into the wood to work on fungicides and insecticides preserving the building for long-term. 

Sikkens HLS

This fantastic range of natural wood colour finishes has a great range of options, from pine to walnut and ebony. It is a translucent preservative and still allows you to see the knots and features of the timber, keeping a nice honest feel to your summer house or garden office.

We apply two coats of the HLS prior to delivery, giving you total peace of mind.

Sadolin Superdec

Sadolin has over 250 colours to choose from, all solid 'paint' type colours. However, this does not flake and peel like paint and is a preservative. (You can see the full colour range here.)

While every effort is made with the preparation of the timber, knots and other blemishes may bleed through our standard cladding and board shrinkage may show in the summer. So we offer a brand new external cladding upgrade called Tricoya.

This amazing product has around 50 years of life and can be added to any new building along with the Superdec. The new external MDF can be machined to our requirements, give us the opportunity to keep the look of Shiplap cladding, or change to a vertical V-groove, and will look like new for years.

While we will keep the standard painting option, this really is a great move forward for external cladding. And due to cost, we sell this on a per board basis, so you may be surprised how cheap this upgrade could be, particularly if you only see one or two sides of your summer house or garden office. You can see this fantastic product at our main showground.

External maintenance

As with all preservatives, we recommend a yearly application to protect and prolong the life of the building. With the Sikkens you would use the super top coat called Filter7 plus, while the Sadolin is an exact repeat of the product we apply in the factory.

Preserving the building every year, along with our excellent construction methods should mean your building will last approximately 30-35+ years.

If you have opted for our "Medite Tricoya Extreme" (MTX) or our "cement wall" claddings, these have a low maintenance, and required yearly inspections and re decoration every 5-8 years + 

Roofing options

1) Firestone EPDM Roof

We offer Firestone EPDM roof and rear height package. Since the planning rules changed in 2007 and buildings could be no more than 2.5m high (if within 2m of the boundary), we have looked for inventive ways to help our customers find the perfect compromise for internal heights, including applying for planning permission, adding cost and time to the project.

Our standard roof option is an SBS roofing felt with a rubber washer screw to fix – widely recognized as the best felt and fix possible. However its joints mean that we need to put a substantial fall to avoid capillary attraction – adding 250mm (10 inches) to a summer house or garden office, and making some pent building as low as 1950mm internal rear.

However, with the Firestone EPDM roof, this can all be avoided. This amazingly durable product is specially ordered in for each building and comes as a single sheet for the entire roof.

The Firestone roof is glued, so has no mechanical fixings through the product on top, and this along with no joints means we can have an almost perfectly flat roof. (We have installed this on one of our demonstration buildings at our main show centre, and this had a 50mm drop over 5000mm and even this is more than enough.)

What does EPDM stand for?

EPDM is ethylene propylene diene monomer, a fire rated synthetic rubber. Firestone offer a 10 year guarantee and a 50 year life expectancy on this product, and they are recognised as being the best in this relatively new industry.

While we will continue to sell the SBS felt as our standard option, the Firestone EPDM roof and rear height package is a great new alternative.

You can find out more about this product here.

2) SBS Rubber Felt

We use the best roofing felt material possible, our rubber based SBS felt, as standard. This unbeatable felt adheres to the timber on the roof naturally, and is perfect for all buildings where the roof is not a feature, such as a pent building.

If the roof of your summer house or garden room is a feature of the building we can also offer a range of felt shingle tiles in many different styles and colours, as well as any other roofing option, including cedar shingles.



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