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Last updated: 21.09.19

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Planning & Regulations

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Planning and regulations

By Martin Baker

If your summer house or garden office project requires planning, we can take care of all the paperwork and give you a comprehensive set of drawings. If you wish, we can also give you a permitted development certificate.

In nearly all instances we can work within the planning rules, leaving you to have the summer house or garden office you want, without extra cost or time delay.

In some circumstances, due to the height, position or specific restrictions such a listed house, we may need to apply for planning. And we offer an optional comprehensive planning service to help you deal with this.

Our planning adviser will come to you, survey the land and advise on the strongest application possible. Once this is agreed, you will receive a set of drawings of the building and its position for you to confirm. We will then make the application on your behalf, taking care of all the paperwork and statements required for a full application.

Alternatively, if your proposed summer house or garden office is within the planning rules but you are still concerned, we can acquire a permitted development certificate for you. This is a document from the planning office that proves the building is within all regulations.

Basic planning rules for summer houses

If your summer house or garden office is situated within 2 metres of the curtilage (boundary) of your garden, the entire building and base must be under 2.5 metres high.

If the position of the building is 2 metres or more from the curtilage of your garden, you can go up to 3 metres in height with a single sloping pent roof and 4 metres in height with a traditional apex roof.

Building regulations for summer houses

To conform to building regulations,your summer house or garden office must be under 30 m². If the building is between 15 m² and 30 m² it must be positioned 1 metre away from a boundary, or the boundary wall of the new building must be made of noncombustible material.

If needed, we can provide a firebreak wall to maximise the space in your garden, while still conforming to all the rules and regulations.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 247192 or visit the Government's Planning Portal site for more detailed information.  

For technical guidance on heights 


*Please note that any planning or building regulation suggestions are only advice and you should be independently satisfied that you are within all regulations.

By Martin Baker


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