Energy analysis

Baker Homes specialise in providing expert energy analysis. This can be for monitoring:

Energy monitor, meter reading, remote, on-site
  • the impact of a retrofit programme - such as ECO or other retrofit works;
  • the performance of new build homes;
  • the impact of behaviour change;
  • engaging with residents or members of the public.

We use remote monitoring, self reporting and meter readings to ensure statistically valid findings. We can also allow for degree days and different heating preferences.

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See below an example of our energy analysis work.


National Energy Study

National Energy Study

Baker Homes is researching energy use in over 500 homes over the winter period. The study will engage with residents on their energy use and compare this against a control group. The focus is investigating the impacts of communication and competition on reducing energy use.

Findings will be provided to government to help inform energy saving policies.

Baker Homes recently published the Second National Energy Study (NES 2) looking at understanding domestic energy use and energy saving behaviours. Download the report here.

Gregory Barker, Minister of State for Climate Change


“How people use energy in the home has a significant impact on their energy use. Research is needed in this area, particularly with the context of rising energy bills. 

I am delighted to see Baker Homes focusing on helping people to save energy in their homes with the National Energy Study. I look forward to the results of this research.“

The Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP
Minister of State for Climate Change

Other parties involved include:

Catalyst Housing Group CityWest Homes First Wessex Gentoo Group
Hastoe Group Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association Magenta Living mhs Homes Group
Midland Heart Nottingham City Homes  Octavia Housing Orbit
  The Regenda Group Swan Housing Association  


“Many people are not aware of how much energy they use. Nor is it easy to understand what motivates people to save energy. The National Energy Study, will analyse this in over 630 homes this winter. 

This pioneering work is very important, especially at a time of rising fuel poverty. Midland Heart is proud to be involved in the study engaging with our residents and helping them understand and save on their energy bills.”

Carl Larter
Director of Assets
Midland Heart

Carl Later, Midland Heart

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