Help reduce residents bills - Community energy projects

Community energy projects offer the opportunity to generate your energy and reduce your. In fact, projects have the potential to reduce residents’ energy bills by 20-30%.  Design and outcomes can be achieved through a range of energy efficiency measures; renewables and energy storage systems (such as district heat and off grid gas).

Feasibility studies can help assess how much potential you have to make that happen. We can provide you with a model of the costs and benefits of both capital investments and local energy tariffs whether your project is; high density new homes, rural existing communities or a small project of a few houses.  There can be a specific focus such as:

  • tackling fuel poverty;
  • providing local jobs or;
  • increasing the percentage of renewable energy generation;
  • exploring the impact of smart grid technologies.

The latest offers from energy companies which enable communities to set their own electricity and heat tariffs can also captured.  

Do you want to understand how you can make the most of your homes for your community?  Ask for a feasibility study.