Resident engagement

Need to assist residents with energy efficiency?

We provide a variety of options from short interactive events on sustainability to accredited and recognised structured training. We have over 15 years experience working on sustainable housing. This includes:

  • providing energy efficiency accredited training (such as the Fuel poverty reduction for housing officers)
  • providing energy efficiency advice visits to residents (we assisted in providing advice during the Home Energy Efficiency programme in London)
  • engagement with residents on development of strategies (we have provided this service for Wrekin Housing and others)
  • resident and staff energy awareness training and facilitation events (we have done this with Hastoe Group)

Alternatively you may be seeking resident views on a sustainability or asset management strategy. We could assist. Due to our unique and trusted position, particularly amongst affordable housing providers, we are often called upon to convene and facilitate dialogue between residents, staff and stakeholders.

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1. Energy saving workshops

These workshops are popular and well received. Topics covered include, understanding fuel bills, switching fuel providers, reducing heat loss in buildings, funky carbon calculators, appliance bingo, ways to reduce electricity use looking at energy guzzlers in the home, smart meters, tariff changing and feed in tariffs. Course follow up has shown that we have been effective in changing behaviour…

“I’ve checked all the meter readings and have gone on line so we can update our bills monthly.”
“I keep an eye on the electric and make sure I do not have anything on standby.”
“I was very pleased to see our landlord were keen to help the tenants save electric. They have come with several good ideas.”

2. Capacity building

Equipping residents, staff and volunteers to share energy-efficiency knowledge

With these quick, fun and hands-on sessions members of the public or residents are assisted and supported to train their peers. Through this approach you are able to:

  • influence a larger number of people to understand and save energy
  • ensure the knowledge stays in the community
  • assist residents/members gain facilitation skills.

Your residents will go away with the confidence and knowledge to save fuel bills, reduce emissions and influence others to do the same.

3. Accredited training

This course is more in-depth. If you want your residents and Resident Liaison Officers/Managers to gain a qualification this course is for you. Delegates will gain an understanding of energy performance certificates, fuel poverty and how to recognise it, the impact of renewable energy systems; and the confidence to give recommendations on heating systems and saving energy in the home.

This training will also assist your staff or residents to prepare for the Green Deal.

4. Resident engagement:

Organise a resident engagement conference /workshop

Baker Homes and the Homes and Communities Agency held a conference on engaging residents on climate change. The event sold out. Over 40 housing providers were represented and over 30 residents came along and provided input on the day.

There was a real sense that homes are being built and refurbished to be more energy efficient, but often residents are not engaged. By engaging with residents

  • environmental awareness is increased
  • an understanding of heating systems and fuel bills is gained
  • encourage more 'green' behaviours and foster a sense of community
  • buy-in and support for your initiatives can be gained
  • trust and respect is built up between landlords and residents

Do get in touch

We have helped a number of housing organisations develop their sustainability strategies. We use a variety of facilitation methods for gathering and prioritising ideas. Our work ensures landlords and residents acheive inspiring useful engagement.


Engagement with residents can help residents reduce fuel bills, be extremely empowering and rewarding and assist to reduce carbon emissions. If you would like assistance which is knowledgable and effective let us know. We can help. 0208 973 0405