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Issue 46


Hi ,

I hope you are well. Please see below a summary of some of the latest information on sustainable housing in the UK. We welcome thoughts, feedback or offers of collaboration.

As an EU member, the UK is still committed to achieving ‘nearly zero’ homes by 2025. The conference ‘Road to 2025’ has a host of superb speakers and workshops on getting to lower carbon cost effectively including policy updates, the impact of Right to Buy, using new technologies and cases studies.

If you work in development you need to be there, in particular ... read more

As more people in the UK think about making sustainable improvements to their homes, a new innovation from the States is becoming more widespread as a way of funding these changes.

Green mortgages are already common in the USA, and UK banks are starting to offer them. The mortgage can be used to...read more

Why does overheating in homes happen? And how can the construction and energy efficiency sector help to prevent it becoming more commonplace in the coming decades as the climate change?

Deaths due to overheating are predicted to rise dramatically over the next few years, and overheating in homes has serious health impacts. A recent survey of the housing industry showed...click here to read more

Flooding is expected to impact on 20% more homes by 2035.

Join us to discuss future proofing properties and communities, witness a live home-flooding demonstration and...find out more here

We have been working on some interesting new project.

It means new research and services. The first of these exciting new challenges... click here to read more

2016 Accreditation is starting

SHIFT is the award winning sustainability standard for the housing sector. Sign up or renew by 29th January to save up to 37% on accreditation costs.

Find out more here
The efficiency of combi boilers

Baker Homes' National Energy Study 2 challenges energy efficiency assumptions. Download the report here

Upcoming events

We are preparing our recognised events for next year, visit our events page for further updates and book your place:

National Conference: Road to 2025: delivering low carbon homes cost effectively - 24th February, London

Reduce flooding of our homes - 10th March, Birmingham
Tools that can assist you:
The sustainability standard for the housing sector

Measure, Compare, Improve - your environmental performance.

Tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions of your stock through a flexible and cost-effective approach.

We are delighted that Radian Group and Metropolitan are undergoing SHIFT accreditation.

and that Accuflow have partnered with SHIFT.

We look forward to working with you!

Hoorah - Baker Homes is shortlisted for the prestigious

and the sought after

Client feedback:

"Training and conferences from SHIFT are consistently good. This was no exception - helpful, practical advice. Highly recommended."

- Richard Snaith, Sustainability Coordinator, North Wales Housing



... for every home to encourage more sustainable lives