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Measuring environmental performance | Leeds

September 19, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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How are you reporting your environmental impact?

Landlords, contractors and the supply chain are now committing to take action to actually measure, compare and improve their environmental performance but some may find it particularly challenging and resource intensive. Additionally there are considerable compliance reasons that may require landlords to develop and implement environmental reporting:

  • Local authorities: The Housing and Planning Act 2016 refers that listed authorities must prepare a report containing a buildings efficiency and sustainability assessment
  • Housing Associations: The Value For Money HCA standard requires a robust assessment of the performance of all assets and resources (including for example financial, social and environmental returns)
  • Possible compulsory reporting through a simplified energy and carbon reporting framework for introduction by April 2019 as an outcome of the Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape consultation

The Measuring Environmental Performance course will support those working in housing, including social and private landlords, local authorities, consultants and architects and other organisations who want tangible metrics to better understand the environmental impacts of the housing stock and business operations. Either your organisation is new to environmental reporting or you are looking at improving your reporting - the course will give you the appropriate guidance and tools to accurately measure your performance.

SHIFT accredited landlords will find the course particularly helpful towards their SHIFT assessment.

The Leeds training course is hosted by SHIFT partners Sycous.

We will be running this training course throughout the year, please check our events calendar for more dates and locations.

By attending this course you will:

  • Calculate your environmental performance baseline for your stock, offices and operations - including carbon emissions, water efficiency, waste diversion
  • Establish targets based on government policies - relevant to housing and environment
  • Understand how leading landlords are tackling environmental issues
  • Review data already held in your organisation
  • Compare your own environmental performance with leading social landlords
  • Develop a sustainability strategy for improving performance

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