Existing Stock

There is significant opportunity to improve the environmental performance of existing stock.  Tools can be of assistance.

For one off refurbishments EcoHomes can help guide and measure the improvements made. 

For improving the environmental performance of existing stock of managed housing through planned and small scale maintenance programmes BRE launched the EcoHomes methodology for eXisting Buildings (XB) in 2006.  Supported by the Housing Corporation, XB is an assessment tool that many have found useful.  

The variety of different existing homes makes settling templates difficult.  Case studies are immensely useful.  Case studies based on recent projects of 60-80% CO2 reductions to homes in tower blocks, conservation properties and terraced properties are provided in our Low carbon retrofit- real case studies and practice one day seminar.  There are more case studies in our publications section.

Training solutions

Low carbon retrofit - real case studies and practice
C60-80% refurbishment seminar based on real projects, presented by the UK's leading architectural practice for low carbon refurbishments and Baker Homes

Ecohomes for eXisting Buildings (XB)
By the end of this one day course you will be familiar with the XB methodology, understand how the credits are awarded and have started to prioritise and plan how to improve your stock.

Sustainable Materials
This course will give a basic understanding of how and why sustainable materials are rated and used for insulation and construction.

Resident & Home Owner Engagement - Saving On Energy Bills 
This course can help your staff and your residents understand and reduce their energy usage.

Whole stock carbon assessment

All housing providers should know the carbon emission of their stock, and most would like to know how and where to start. A whole stock carbon assessment provides recommendations on how to improve both buildings and the behaviour of residents. To facilitate your asset management team prioritisation of works to drive down energy consumption, the data provides analysis of

  • annual energy consumption by property, by property type or age
  • CO2 by property, property type or age
  • impact of measures on CO2 by property or by street
  • impact of behavioural change

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