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Work from home without compromising any space with one of our tailored garden offices, designed for year-round use and comfort. All garden offices offer a comfortable and contemporary work-space, with plenty of natural light and fully installed electricals.

We offer a range of modern open plan offices or smaller personal workspaces so that you can work efficiently and comfortably in a space designed around the needs of you and your business. Be proud to offer clients and colleagues a warm and beautiful space for meetings and presentations, where you can work together in a fresh environment or work by yourself in a light and renewed space.

Our garden offices are designed with your business in mind and with a view to providing you with a highly functional and efficient workspace. Any and all requirements and requests are encouraged so that we can provide you with a quality space ideal for your day to day business operations.

Garden Rooms & Offices - Classic Collection


Our classic collection of garden rooms and offices offers a range to suit your individual needs and aesthetic. From the smaller Jay range, designed for a one-person office, all the way up to the largest of the range the Hawk summer house chalet which feature 4 foot window. Browse through the full range of the Classic Collection here.

Decking and Hard Landscaping

Our steel and timber frame base can also easily be extended out to include decking alongside your garden house of choice. This gives you a stylish usable space outside your summer house or garden office. We frequently collaborate with a number of garden designers, or we can work with a designer of your choice, to help realise your dream garden and landscaping space.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working has become a fundamental part of modern working practices. However, a client often wants to separate their workspace from their home-life, without sacrificing a comfortable working environment. Most out-buildings on the market do not replicate the comforts of a home or an office. At Bakers, we can build bespoke buildings with all your requirements and wellbeing in mind.

Case study: Contemporary Large Home Office in Sussex

Our client needed a bigger space to accommodate their successful growing business. This contemporary large home office was built with the dimensions of 24 x 12ft so that it can accommodate a 3-6 person working office allowing plenty of space for growth. We worked closely with the client right from the planning permission stage. Our planning adviser drew up a site survey and also took care of the application and drawings. The design features the most efficient double glazing on the market: bio-coolight, argon gas, warm edge Planitherm units.

Case study: Art Studio and Garden Office

Ten years ago we supplied this customer with a summer chalet that they use as a working art studio. This time the customer wanted to add a garden print studio, a larger space that would house their extensive artwork. As well as wanting a room that could remain within a certain temperature to preserve their artwork, the customer came with special requirements, such as a load bearing flooring, secure locking doors and a concrete back wall to minimise maintenance. We were able to fulfil this by integrating these specifications into the Kestrel garden office, incidentally the most popular garden office from our Classic range.

Case study: Contemporary Garden Office in London

This customer wanted to build a home garden office in order to save on the associated time and financial costs of their daily commute to their centrally located fixed office premises. We collaborated with the client closely as they wanted the building to be made as large as possible, with the potential of eventually partitioning the building off into two rooms in the future. The customer ultimately decided on a design that incorporated the larger glassed area of our kite garden room as the basis of the building, with the addition of two sets of double entrance doors.  

Case study: Combination Garage and Studio

This customer in West Sussex wanted to replace their old garage with a multi-purpose, combination garage, with studio and shed - which partition off into separate spaces. This fully functional building, which includes a comprehensive electrics package, has become a beautiful feature of their garden.

To truly appreciate the quality of design and construction of our buildings you can visit our showroom. Our showroom features fourteen buildings, including eight perfectly presented garden rooms featuring our most popular uses.

We are always happy to welcome you to our extensive showground, where we can guide you through our full range of garden offices, garden rooms and out-buildings. Our team would be more than happy to discuss any and all requirements you may have, and talk you through all of the options available to you. We can start by looking at our Classic range, and then we are able to bespoke them to your individual needs and taste. We really can consider all options.



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