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Last updated: 27.05.20

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Small Garden Offices

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Welcome to the home of the Small Garden Office

Working from home has become more popular than ever. In the wake of the lockdown caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, working practices have become increasingly flexible.

To meet the demand generated by this new trend, Bakers Timber Buildings is proud to present its cheapest building ever, our "Jay" small garden office.

This collection will bring you the quality of materials, workmanship and service you expect from Bakers Timber Buildings, at a price that suits your budget.


The ability to conduct your business from home brings with it a host of benefits, which our affordable garden office allows you to enjoy.

If you work from home, you save all the time you previously spent commuting - as well as the expense of that travel. Modern technology means you can stay as connected as ever while still having the comforts of home close at hand.

At the same time, creating a small garden office allows you to work in a space that is entirely separate from the home, meaning you are free from domestic distractions.

Your Jay small garden office pod can include everything you need to conduct your business efficiently, comfortably and with the outside world at your fingertips thanks to a strong internet connection.

Our garden offices are fully insulated, ensuring you can use the room all year round.

Investing in a low-cost garden office will help you to strike a work-life balance that works for you and your family – as well as adding extra space and value to your home.

However, if you want to put your small garden office to other uses, the structure is flexible to enable you to do that.  

Should you decide you need a man cave, our small garden offices can be used for that purpose. The room is spacious enough to install a couch and use it as a garden lounge, for instance.

You can even include some sporting equipment and have your own gym in the garden.

Our small garden office collection gives you the high standards of service and materials that are such a source of pride to all of us at Bakers Timber Buildings. But while the garden office may be small in size, it is big in value.



Small Garden Rooms, Maximum Space and Fully Insulated


In offering a range of cheap garden rooms and offices, we have not compromised on the quality of construction, service and materials - but we have compromised on price.  

To achieve this, we have broken down all the components that go into the construction of one of our garden rooms to make the whole process as efficient as possible.  

By maximising the use we get from all the materials involved from framing through to the claddings and finishes, we have brought the waste element down to less than one per cent.  

We now offer a standardised range of small garden rooms, with six sizes to choose from and two specs when it comes to the roof, which can be made from SBS felt or EPDM with additional rear height. All 12 options will be under 2.5m in height to avoid the need to obtain planning permission.

If you require the individuality of a custom-made small garden building, we invite you to investigate our Compact Collection.

Our small garden office collection still gives you a degree of choice, but this is a fixed item, which means we can keep elements in stock and deliver quickly. You could be the proud owner of a small insulated garden office that is installed within four to six weeks.

The fact that we have standardised sizes means the whole process is economical when it comes to time, too, because there is less need for a long initial discussion - and we may even be able to carry out the survey virtually.

You have the option of ordering just the building installed, or a complete package that can include a base, an electricity pack with heating, sockets and lighting, plus a robust internet link, all fully connected to your house.

This is a cost-effective option that offers you the chance to create a small insulated garden room at a reasonable price.


The cheapest way to get your hands on a Bakers Timber Buildings room


At Bakers Timber Buildings, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our workmanship and customer service.  

None of those standards has been compromised in the creation of our collection of cheap garden offices. We believe that the result is a selection of the best value garden buildings in the UK.

If you want to run your business from home, you now have the option of using our services to create a cheap insulated garden office. With insulation included on all four walls, the roof and floor, you will be able to conduct your business all year round from your new headquarters.

While these buildings have been conceived as small garden offices, there is a host of uses to which they can be built.

If you have your own requirements and want to discuss your small garden room ideas, let us know and we will work with you to bring them to life.

Maybe you fancy using your new building for leisure purposes, either as a lounge, a gym or a summer house - or even a man cave. Our budget garden rooms can easily be adapted to accommodate your wishes.

This is a fantastic way to become the owner of a cheap garden building while at the same time getting the quality of service and materials for which Bakers Timber Buildings is renowned.

All our buildings are delivered to the same high standard and will give you extra living or working space that you can use 12 months a year. We believe this is the cheapest way to add a room to your house.


Small Garden Summer House


Bakers Timber Buildings has been creating summer houses for customers since we began trading more than 35 years ago.  

Our small garden offices can comfortably be used for the purpose of adding extra leisure space to your home, a place where you can relax and entertain friends and family.

We believe that, despite its name, a summer house should be a welcoming garden room that can be used 12 months of the year. 

Whether you want to locate your summer house near to your home, or create a haven at the end of the garden, we believe we offer the best value garden rooms for the purpose.

Small Garden Gym


Many of us enjoy the benefits of working out regularly - so how good would it be to have a gym in your own garden?

Our small garden offices can be adapted for use as your own leisure centre, where you can get fit without having to leave your home.

There is enough space to install equipment such as a cycling or rowing machine. You may prefer to equip your garden gym with a weights machine or a set of free weights.

Creating a garden gym will save you the time of travelling to the gym - and our range of small garden offices is priced so that you save money too.


Small Man Cave Office

Despite its name, the man cave is a haven where any member of a family can enjoy some time alone, away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

A Bakers Timber Building small garden office can be easily adapted to contain all the features that offer an escape from domestic hassles.

You will have the space to be able to install a big TV, gaming facilities or even your own bar. This is a room where you might want to pursue your favourite hobby - or simply a lounge with comfortable seating where you can relax at the end of the day.

Our small garden offices come with the same high standards of materials, workmanship and materials that go into all Bakers Timber Buildings rooms - at a price that suits your budget.



Small Garden Office Technical Information

Office specification with five-year guarantee

Based on our Jay, we have six sizes and two roof specifications - and you can choose to have the door to the left or right hand on the front. All our offices come under the 2.5m planning height including the base.

Our small garden office comes with a UPVC single door and either one or two windows to the front with top fanlight opener and is clad in v-100 MTX cladding. The sides and rear are fitted with our zero-maintenance cement wall and the entire outside is painted in Anthracite. As standard it has our SBS felt roof and timber facias that are colour matched.

This office has house specification locks, toughened double glazing and insulated walls, floor and ceiling. Internally the building is finished with v-1200 MDF lining primed ready to paint, with a laminate floor and is fully installed by the Bakers team, with a five-year full guarantee.

EPDM roof and MTX facia upgrade with 10-year guarantee

To be able to offer our lowest maintenance building and extended guarantee, this pack upgrades the roof covering to EPDM, which means we can also give you additional rear height, plus we upgrade the facias from timber to MTX in v-100.


We are proud to offer our specially designed steel and timber framed base. This allows us to give you a quick and tidy solution to your base requirements, and means we can install the building on the same or next day.

*Electrics package

Our electrics package includes a 15-30m submain with 3.2kw (13 amp) supply, connecting to your house via a socket. With four sockets (one has USB ports), a 1.5kw Dimplex convector heater with digital programmer, and dimmable LED panel light inside and PIR up-down light outside with override.

*Communications package

Along with the electrics package we can also offer all your communications requirements, as standard we offer: 1x internet cable connected to your house router. With your own WiFi bubble in the office that also offers a wired connection, for strong safe connection to keep your business connected.

(*Subject to virtual or actual survey)

Internal painting

As standard these offices come primed ready for you to paint internally. However, you can ask us to carry out the internal painting at a small additional cost.

New Release Special offer

For the release of the new exciting collection we are offering 5% off the building and EPDM upgrade for any order placed in May, June or July where we can use your project as a case study or have photos of the finished article.




Side window


Elec & comms

Internal painting

2355 x 1930







2355 x 2535







2955 x 1930







2955 x 2535







3555 x 1930







3555 x 2535








New garden studio collection

If you like the look of these buildings but would like a larger space, please contact us about our new collection of Jay Garden Studios we are just about to release.

Our rooms, your way - contact us today

At Bakers Timber Buildings, we like to say we're big enough to cope and small enough to care. Our customers recognise the quality of our work and the passion with which we deliver it.

If you want to find out more about our range of garden rooms, come and visit our showground or give us a call today.  

The answer is yes... we just don't know what the question is yet.


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