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The list of products and services that help you build or refurbish homes sustainably. We do hope you find this of use. Do be in touch with suggestions info@bakerstimber.co.uk . To upload a product or service go here.

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Rio T2 downlight (white) - My Green Lighting

New lamp - brighter and faster than ever beforeThe T2 Rio uses the new T2 L1 lamp, which only uses 10w of power. They also use instant start technology, which almost eliminates warm up times. These new lamps start instantly at a much higher light level than any other compact


My Green Lighting



All STYROFOAM-A products offer lightweight yet robust performance, high strength and excellent moisture resistance, making the material ideal for below ground and inverted flat roof insulation demands. They can be cut with standard tools, and are not easily damaged if dropped or walked on. STYROFOAM-A is manufactured in the UK and uses


DOW Building Solutions


Waste Management, Void Clearance & Skip Hire Alternative

AnyJunk is the UK's largest rubbish clearance company. Our multi-award winning service is an excellent alternative to skip hire with over 77% reused & recycled. Shiny trucks, uniformed teams, 2 hour arrival windows and all the loading and sweeping-up done for you; we also offer a wait and load service.


AnyJunk - UK's largest clearance company


Hot water systems - Evacuated tube collectors

Evacuated tube solar panels are very popular with our domestic customers, particularly in retro fit situations. For an average domestic house you will need 2-3m² of collector area. Key Features: Light and easily fits on most roofs, even in awkward situations Higher performance than flat plate panels allows heating in lower


Southern Solar


Hebden 40

The Hebden 40 ground reinforcement system is a 100% recycled water permeable product that allows for the quick and easy creation of hardstanding for car parks, pathways, emergency access routes etc. The pavers can be filled with gravel or seeded soil for a grass finish, and allow water to permeable


British Recycled Products


Photovoltaics (pv) panels

A solar electric system installed on your roof will turn your house into your own personal power station.  Solar electric cells or "photovoltaics" (pv) generate electricity from sunlight. After first being used by the various space missions of the sixties, solar power has come back to earth and is now


Southern Solar


Windows - Trade Frame Direct

Our main factory is equipped with the latest state of the art computer controlled machinery which automatically fabricates windows. From the start to the end of the process, our highly skilled factory technicians ensure that our stringent quality control policy is adhered to, and our customers get nothing less than


Secured By Design


Ecological Surveys for Code for Baker Homes

Wildthing are suitably qualified ecologists who work alongside fully qualified code assessors to provide a one stop shop package from concept to post build and landscaping. We can provide full installation of recommendations and additional recommmendations refered to in our reports.


Wildthing Wildlife Consultants


Total Party Floor Solution

Total Party Floor Solution - Can achieve up to 4 CreditsDeveloped originally for specifiers looking to achieve an ‘enhanced specification’, the Total Party Floor Solution is an innovative specification for a timber floor that exceeds the performance requirement suggested by The Code and yet is finished with a hard wearing,


Sound Reduction


200ltr Garden Lake Water Butt

The water butt has been designed for collecting rainwater for use in the garden. It satisfies WAT2 and can earn 1 point towards the Code for Baker Homes. Our water butts are the largest selling in the UK and are widely used around Europe.Features include:Wood grain effect Supplied complete



1 - 10 : 11 - 20 : 21 - 30 : 31 - 40