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Last updated: 27.05.20

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Garden Sheds & Cabins

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Garden sheds and cabins

Craftsman built precisely to order and benefiting from the same high quality materials and attention to detail used in every Bakers building, our sheds and cabins offer so much more than you might expect.


Garden sheds

Because every single one of our buildings is made-to-measure, we can bring our years of experience to your project, helping to advise on the best use of available space, location and installation, finishing touches and of course the practical usability required from any shed.

We listen to your precise requirements, what the shed will be used for, where it will be situated and how will it fit in with the surroundings. It may be as basic as moving the door to allow easy access or perhaps you need the shed to fit into a tight space, whatever you need, we can help.

Options such as double glazing, heavy duty framing and corner bracing, lining and insulation all set our designs apart. Our craftsmen produce buildings to last and with Bakers there really is no such thing as a 'humble shed'.

In fact, our sheds are so robust that they can offer safe and dry storage for everything from paperwork and office equipment to soft furnishings with some used as mini-workshops for the keen DIY enthusiast.



A Bakers cabin adds style and elegance to any garden with a design flexibility that you will find hard to match.

Solid construction from the same premium timbers used in all of our buildings our cabins are lined and insulated for year-round use making them practical and striking to look at. These substantial mini-buildings can be used for safe, dry storage or as a traditional shed or outbuilding subtle enough in design to blend with any size of garden.

Need more light? No problem, we can provide fully glazed panels angled to make the most of the available light…Need less light, again, not a problem we can fit tinted glazing for additional privacy.

Our range of designs has something to match every space and most budgets and remember, because every building is made to measure we can fil as much or as little space as you need.


If you need an extra something such as an insulated garden workshop or extra room for your utilities and water supply you can just ask!


The Bakers difference

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