Measuring your environmental performance

Across the housing sector, there is a growing understanding that housing has a huge impact on the environment. In turn this has an impact on residents’ wellbeing.

Landlords, contractors and the supply chain are now committing to take action to actually measure, compare and improve their environmental performance.

This course will support registered social landlords and other organisations who want tangible metrics to better understand the environmental impacts of their housing.

What you will learn

By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Calculate your environmental performance baseline for your stock, offices and operations - including carbon emissions, water efficiency, waste diversion;
  • Establish targets based on government policies - relevant to housing and environment;
  • Understand how leading landlords are tackling environmental issues;
  • Review data already held in your organisation;
  • Compare your own environmental performance with leading social landlords;
  • Develop a sustainability strategy for improving.

The methodology was developed with input from Government, environmental organisations and housing associations. Each environmental indicator will be presented and discussed and the background and science to that metric explained. The course will include exercises to ensure that you take away the key messages.

You will gain full knowledge of how to develop a sustainability strategy, create meaningful KPIs and reduce the environmental impacts of your organisation.

It will also be extremely useful, for existing SHIFT landlord staff, who are tasked with preparing data for a formal SHIFT assessment.

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