National Energy Study 2

Report: SAP in the real world: how people use energy in the home

Building on the findings of the first National Energy Study (NES 1), Baker Homes' second National Energy Study (NES 2) evaluates real energy use from over 520 homes over the period of the 2022/15 winter.  The homes were spread across the country.  The findings have implications for landlords, asset managers, those commissioning installations of boilers or other energy efficiency measures, energy efficiency advisors, housing staff and those working on fuel poverty.

This report, launched 19th November 2015, provides useful insights including:

  • interesting insight into the interaction between various demographic, technical and social factors that affect energy use; 
  • a challenge to the assumption that combi boilers are always the most efficient solution.
  • the surprising impacts of draughts - an issue not captured by EPC assessments  

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