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Last updated: 27.05.20

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Planning Rules Sheds & Garden Buildings

By Martin BakerPlanning Rules Sheds & Garden Buildings

Everything you need to know about planning and building regulations for all garden buildings!


Q. How high can I have my shed?

A. If any part of the building is within 2 metres of the curtilage (boundary) of your property, then the entire building must be less than 2.5 metres high - this includes any base work. The 2.5 metres is measured from the general ground level but to be on the safe side I would always recommend keeping under 2.5 metres from the lowest ground level point.

If the entire building is more than 2 metres away from your boundary, you can then install a "Pent" (mono pitched roof) up to 3 metres high, or an apex roof up to 4 metres high. Again this includes any base work.


Q. Can I still install a garden building if my house is in a conservation area?

A. In most circumstances you can install a garden building if your house is in a conservation area assuming it is behind the house and not beside, however along with "areas of natural beauty" and "green belt" land, different rules apply to each individual area, and in this circumstance I would always recommend a "permitted development certificate". This certificate is similar to a planning application without the consultation. This gives you peace of mind that any work you carry out is within the rules and regulations.


Q. What is the largest building I'm allowed in my garden?

A. As far as planning is concerned you can build a building no more than half the size of your original garden. However building regulations restrict this to a maximum of 30 m² (see more details below).


Q. How close can I install a building to my fence?

A. If your building is up to 15 m² you can install right up to your fence/boundary line. If your building is between 15.1 m² and 30 m², it should be either 1 metre away from the fence/boundary line, or the walls of the building adjacent to the boundaries should be made of a non-combustible material. This can be done on the timber building with a special concrete board lining.

If you wish to have the building over 30 m² then the building must conform to all building regulations - in essence this means a small timber frame house build, and is out of the remit of most garden building companies. One way to work around these rules is to have two separate buildings however they must be at least 1 metre apart for building control to deem them separate.


Q. What am I allowed to use my garden building for?

A. You are allowed to use your building for any use that is ancillary to the house. This could be purely as a summerhouse or day lounge, or a working office and entertainment room. Unless the building conforms to all building regulations and has planning agreed, you should


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