Publications (A-Z)

Please find here a range of useful publications for reducing the environmental impacts of our built environment. Should you like further assistance please be in touch:

2010 11 learning year programme  
Find out what you can gain from learning through the SHIFT process. ...Read more

A guide for residents on alternatives to uPVC  
Written by Baker Homes in 2003 for Hastoe Housing Association, this guide outlines the benefit...Read more

A guide to developing a sustainability strategy and action plan  
Published in 2007 and commissioned by the Housing Corporation, this guide provides helpful hints for...Read more

A Guide to Ecohomes  
Published in 2003, this was the first guide produced by Baker Homes on the EcoHomes standard.&...Read more

A Guide to Ecohomes XB  
Published in 2007, this guide provides an overview of the EcoHomes methodology for Existing Building...Read more

Cracking the Code  
How to achieve Code Level 3 and above...Read more

Developing an Environmental Policy and Action Plan  
Published in 2001, this is a guide to developing an environmental policy and action p...Read more

Eco Homes - Achieving Very Good  
Published in 2006, this guide supports housing associations, developers and their design partners in...Read more

Eight Steps to Efficiency  
Published in 2005, this fold out guide looks at practical ways housing associations and pr...Read more

Embodied Energy in Residential Property Development  
Published in 1999, a guide for housing associations on embodied energy in residential property ...Read more

Energy Savings Trust planning recommendations case studies  
Examples of Development Plan documents to assist lower carbon development...Read more

Five ways to improve your SHIFT ranking  
Baker Homes article published in Sustainable Housing Autumn 2010....Read more

Foundations for the Future - Part 1  
Published in 2002, this is a guide for senior officers and Board members on the environmental, ...Read more

Gentoo PAYS Report  
The Home Energy PAYS pilots give householders the opportunity to benefit from energy efficiency and ...Read more

Good Practice Guide - Refurbishments  
Published in 2004, this guides focuses on the sustainable refurbishment of a range of house typ...Read more

Green Housing for the Future  
Published in 2001, this is a guide to green housing in the north west of England, by the Mersey...Read more

Green Voices and Choices  
Published in 2004, this guide shows how housing associations using environmental features in their h...Read more

Homes built to code for sustainable homes  
A summary of properties that have been built to the Code for Baker Homes standard...Read more

Homes Energy Efficiency Programme  
Summary of HEEP programme from Mayor of London...Read more

Housing Associations and local agenda 21  
Published in 1998, this is a guide to encourage housing associations to engage with Local ...Read more

Relish 7 months on  
Gain an update on how much residents have saved. Did those that received education save more than ju...Read more

RELISH phase 1 report  
Lessons learned and outcomes of phase 1...Read more

Retrofit Reality  
The Gentoo Group, a housing association in Sunderland, recently carried out some very useful researc...Read more

SHIFT assessments  
A summary of the assessment you will gain when you join SHIFT...Read more

Slides from the London and Manchester SHIFT Financing Green Homes Conference 8th and 15th June 2011  
See the presentations on how to pay for retrofitting existing homes including financial models and c...Read more

Survey of local planning authorities incorporating the Code  
A paper outlining the Local Authorities who wish to employ or who have already used the Code for Sus...Read more

Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow - a case study compendium  
These case studies on SHIFT members’ work have been compiled by Baker Homes for the Home...Read more

The code for sustainable homes - a cost review  
Cost review of the Code fir Baker Homes, undertaken by Cyril Sweett for the Department for Com...Read more

Timber framed housing  
Written in 2000 this is guidance produced on the sustainability of timber framed housing....Read more

Useful sustainability definitions  
Useful sustainability definitions for zero carbon, passivhaus and others...Read more