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About the SHIFT assessment

SHIFT assessments are undertaken by a specialist team of assessors from Baker Homes.


The assessment process works as follows:


When you sign up we’ll assign a specific manager and assessor to your organisation, who will be your key point of contact throughout the assessment process.
Using our bespoke online assessment tool you will need to upload answers to the 50 SHIFT questions, which cover a variety of environmental criteria including CO2 emissions, water use, landfill waste and response to climate change risks. There is guidance available and we suggest organisations provide short bullet point answers with supporting evidence and data wherever possible.
Your SHIFT assessor will review the information provided and arrange to visit your head office to discuss the evidence presented and provide advice on any further details needed and how this information could be found and presented. This is also an opportunity for the assessor to check the consistency of behaviour they observe with the answers provided online (for instance, whether recycling bins are actually used or whether there are additional certificates on display that haven’t been referenced in the original submission).
Following the assessment visit you will have another few weeks to supply additional information and data, based on guidance from the assessor.
The assessor will then review all the information and generate an assessment report, with a summary of your performance, recommendations for improvement and the level of SHIFT accreditation achieved. This usually takes a couple of months following the final information and data being received. You will receive a more detailed comparison report which allows you to compare your organisation’s performance against your peers within the sector.
SHIFT accreditation allows you to demonstrate your environmental credentials to funders, partners and regulators. It also brings a range of additional benefits - click here to find out more about why organisations do SHIFT.


The assessment process, while rigorous, is designed to be as simple as possible. However, we understand that it can be daunting for organisations who have not done similar things before, which is why the Baker Homes team is always available to provide guidance and support. So if you’ve got any questions or want advice on how to present the evidence required you can give us a call or drop us an email.


Your assessment report will detail the level of SHIFT accreditation your organisation has achieved. The accreditation levels are: Commended, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

You will receive a dated accreditation certificate for you to display in your offices and an accreditation logo that can be used in your communications and marketing materials for 24 months after you achieve accreditation. For instance, the logo could be used in email signatures, in funding bid documents, in annual reports… in short, in any piece of promotional material your staff, customers and stakeholders will see.

SHIFT is recognised by the HCA and backed by Government and others, so promotion of your accreditation will enhance brand reputation, and can improve your chances of winning new contracts from local authorities and other housing associations. It may also help you boost staff morale and attract tenants, as people are increasingly demanding that their employers and landlords demonstrate strong environmental performance.

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