SHIFT Awards 2015


SHIFT Awards 2016

What the judges are looking for:

The SHIFT awards are the sustainability awards for the housing sector, recognising outstanding achievements in sustainability.

The judging panel wants to hear how your organisation is leading the sector in energy efficiency, your journey towards greening your business and increasing operational efficiencies whilst delivering affordable warm homes. They will also be looking for how your organisation can inspire others through its best practice approach and lead the sector to a sustainable change. It's vital that you demonstrate an innovative approach, impactful results against set objectives and measurable impacts and outcomes. You will have to be able to demonstrate the achievements of your project succinctly and are also encouraged to include supporting material, such as images, case studies and independent certification.

All categories are open to all organisations in the housing sector (unless it is stated otherwise). Please see below details for each category.

Best retrofit project

Retrofit is one of the greatest challenges in housing and is vital to reduce the UK's carbon emissions and deliver more energy efficient homes. Tell us about your retrofit project: the targets, challenges and learnings. The best retrofit project should demonstrate an innovative approach and tangible improvements in environmental performance and resident health and wellbeing through strategic planning, effective project management and quality assurance. 

Best new build project

Now more than ever we need to be building new homes, but with budgets especially tight, how is your organisation delivering energy efficient, affordable homes cost effectively? We want to hear what your objectives were, how you achieved these and how you monitored progress. Be specific about your improvements in environmental performance, resident wellbeing through strategic planning, effective project management and quality assurance.

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The 'Lean & Green' award

Has your housing project delivered outstanding sustainable performance and yet achieved great savings? We want to know how your environmental improvements led to operational savings. Reductions in residents’ energy bills can be included where it led to operational savings such as reduced voids or rent arrears.

Best resident engagement on energy saving

Engaging with residents is often the Cinderella of sustainability - yet it can be much cheaper and sometimes more effective than 'hard' measures alone. We are keen to recognise housing providers who have undertaken particularly innovative or successful projects, whether that be to educate on saving energy in general or making the most of the opportunities presented by new technology in the home.

Sustainable supplier of the year

A strong and sustainable supply chain is vital for the housing sector. This category is open only to those working with housing providers that are leading in sustainable services and products. We want to see how embedded  sustainability is in your business model and the impact that your services and products have in a more sustainable housing sector. 

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Housing provider of the year

Open only to housing providers. We only want to hear from housing providers that are committed to sustainability, demonstrate leadership and take innovative steps to improve their environmental performance and resident wellbeing. 

Sustainability champion of the year

This is the big category of the night and the winner will be selected by the sector through live voting at the event. Aimed at housing professionals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainability through both strategic direction and practical projects which set their organisation apart. 

Best Sustainability project proposal

This is your opportunity to share with the sector your ideas or project proposal. We want to hear from innovators, challengers and game changers. How can your project lead outstanding sustainability achievements? Is there a gap in the market? Your submission can be as creative as you want but do ensure you demonstrate measurable outcomes. The shortlisted proposals will be invited to present a pitch at the event and the winner will be selected by the audience.

Best policy proposal

Bring your policy proposal to the sector. What policy can be implemented that will contribute to achieving a sustainable housing stock? Your submission can be as creative as you want but do ensure you demonstrate measurable outcomes. The shortlisted proposals will be invited to present a pitch at the event and the winner will be selected by the audience. 

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