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Baker Homes runs a number of events exclusively for SHIFT accredited organisations. These address the latest challenges facing the housing sector with input from leading experts in sustainability and examples of organisations demonstrating best practice.

SHIFT National Conference: Brave New World: Saving money, efficiencies and new finance
11th October 2016

The last SHIFT conference of 2016 will focus on one of the biggest challenges in housing: reducing costs and operating efficiently.

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SHIFT Awards 2016
24th November 2016

The sustainability awards for the housing sector. 2016's edition will be bigger than ever with 7 categories open to all organisations, a dragons'd den section and the SHIFT best in class for accredited landlords. SHIFT landlords will be presented with 2016 accreditation.

Gibson Hall, City of London, London
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Measuring your environmental performance
Throughout 2016

Gain full knowledge of how to develop a sustainability strategy, create meaningful KPIs and reduce the environmental impacts of your organisation

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Baker Homes also runs a series of other events open to all organisations. For more information on these please click here.

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