SHIFT - Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow


SHIFT is the leading best practice group developed with the support of Government, WWF-UK and UK Green Building Council. You can join regardless of how advanced you are on your sustainability journey.

When you come on board, you will gain support and assistance with the journey. Your improvements will be independently assessed so you can compare your performance year on year. You will also gain public recognition through an independent accredited award system, with awards from Bronze to Platinum.

Be part of the change. Come on board. Gain:

  • a recognised independent benchmark to demonstrate and compare performance against sector peers
  • the opportunity to ask experts, policy makers and peers all those difficult questions
  • use of the SHIFT logo and media exposure
  • influence and recognition
  • a robust framework to drive improvement
  • direct access to bespoke consultancy, training and advice at discounted rates
  • NEW user friendly software
  • NEW weightings that have been aligned with sector changes
  • NEW visits to leading best practice case studies

SHIFT now has over 2 million residents under membership. We look forward to welcoming you to the best practice group.

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